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Acne and irregular periods

I'd like to know if somehere got her cycle back to normal after being put on hormones and getting them regulated. I once read somewhere that someone who had been always irregular became suddenly regular.

What about acne? With irregular periods I always had acne and was put on ther pill when I was 19. Now that my thyroid is regulated I gave it up about 6 months ago wanting to see if maybe I was regular and all was going ok, until I missed 1 and then after another 2 or 3 I missed 2 -well I have just now missed the second. I got a terrible papule that is going away slowly I am just afraid that when I am next close to get my period I'm going to have a bad breakout.

I am not sure what to do, if wait until that happens and go to see a dermatologist or get back on the pill which I would hate. The thing is that this type of acne usually comes with hormonal irregularities nothing else may work well - I guess I could try.

What's your experience? Is anyone here got irregular periods still on thyroxine or eny other hotmones but not acne any more? Should I wait for longer to see if my periods get regular? Most people say six months should be more than enough others say a year after you give a pill, specially when you've been on it all your life basically.

Any experiences that can throw light on this, please?

Wish you all a nice day xxx

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You say your thyroid is now regulated? Have you had a thyroid blood test recently? If not, ask your GP plus B12, Vit D, iron, ferate and ferritin.

If you have had one ask for a print out of your results which should include the ranges (figures in brackets) as it makes it easier for members to comment. Menstrual problems are one of the symptoms and it may be that your dose of meds is not yet at the optimum level.

Post your blood test results on a new question.


hi Smily - I had irregular periods for 20+ years together with inbetween bleeding etc- I had lots of investigations, scrapings etc and was put on synthetic progesterone. That did nothing for me either so I stopped. When I started investigating my thyroid issues there seemed to be a connection to low progesterone/oestrogen dominance. I started taking natural progesterone and it has cleared everything up. I have regular periods now, no inbetween bleeding, andmuch less PMT/bloating. I haven't suffered with acne but I have heard that low progesterone/thyroid problems have a connection to Polycystic ovaries. I can't remember though where I read that. The natural progesterone I use is Natpro and there is another one I tried Serenity. Serentiy didn't work for me but it has worked for some others so may be trial and error.


My periods had always been regular, every 30 days since I started them up until a year or so ago, now they are between 24 and 32 days so I never know when I'm going to start. My acne is terrible too. My doctor hasn't suggested anything to help. I have had an under active thyroid for over 11 years.


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