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How soon before TSH become normal after medication

Hi all

Late Dec, 2012 I was diagnosed with over active thyroid, I was feeling unwell ,racing heart,sweat..etc.Life was miserable. I started Carbimazol 20mg/daily. I did not notice any difference until towards the end of the third week . My blood test came yesterday all fine with conservable drop in T4 . My Gp decided to reduce my dose to 15mg/day. But TSH is still way low, any idea who long it takes before I start to see it up again.

Thank you

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mmmm good question, I was told 4 to 5 weeks, its been 9 weeks for me ( sorry) and my TSH is still undetectable, however after research, It says about 4weeks max 5. mine 9 and still waiting for more blood test.

hope this helps, am not medicated.

merissa x


My endo told me the thyroid stores enough hormone for about 6 weeks and maybe even more if you are hyper. That's why she won't test blood more often than every 6 weeks.

She also told me I should expect to me on carbimazole 6-12 weeks before having my dose adjusted and 18-24 months before becoming euthyroid. I believe that on PTU, the progress is slower.




I have been on Carbimazole 18 months with no noticeable difference until I took matters into my own hands. I should say this is the second time in 3 years that I have been hyper. All my Endo did for me was up my dosage and put pressure on me to have RAi or thyroidectomy.

I did a lot of research and with the help of this web site started on a natural regime plus a low dose of carbimazole. For the first time my bloods are within range. I was low on Vit D it came back 16 so started on D3. This has not been monitored neither has my calcium levels since I was within range.

It is all about research and taking your health into your own hands and listening to your body. I am now starting to feel well still have trembling and days when I am exhausted, heart racing but when this happens I relax and go with it. I am not saying this will work for you but if I hadn't found this site I would now be hypo and probably even more miserable than I was.

I am one of the unlucky ones I pile on weight when I go hyper and it is not until I am within range that the weight drops of. In a way the weight is a good thing for me because it tells me to up my dose of carbimazole and stay on a higher dose until the weight drops of.

Just do a lot of reading and listen to your own body.

I hope you feel better soon

Take care



Hi Elayne

I have noticed a few times that you mention a "natural regime" and I wonder if you would share, please? I had to stop carbimazole about a week ago (after about 5 weeks on it) as I developed a sore throat. I felt so much better WITHOUT carbimazole, I have not restarted.

Wondering what your alternative is?

(and people please don't yell at me for stopping carbimazole. I am trying to get a handle on this and I am trying to be responsible and being berated doesn't help). Thanks


Hi I have been on carbimazole since May 2011. My TSH took months to rise although my T4 did fall quickly enough. It is a longer processs according to my research and talking to other sufferers than Endo's and GP's make out. It takes at least 12 - 18 months to become clinically eurythroid never mind a few weeks.

This is a serious illness that can lead to death if untreated and takes a lot of time and effort to sort out. Some people never sort it out and have to have other treatment. I do not believe personally that it is something which can be ignored nor be treated with natural remedies. However that is only my own opinion and hey if you all think something works then go with it!



Sorry to hear of your situation, I was also severely high and was on carbimazole for 8 months! It did take about 8 weeks for the hyper feeling to disappear but they also gave me low dose beta blockers, which did actually help. Felt great after 3rd month, dosage was reduced but endo guy wanted to bring me to completely flat position. He succeeded, now feel lousy again and levels are so low, he had hoped i would have risen to a normal range but that hasn't happened. Ironically they want me to go on to 25 mg of thyroxin to help me attain a normal range. I have cut that in half because I am sick of the yo-yo cycle which I suppose maybe what I will have to accept for the near future


Hi all

Thank you all for your responses . I have read that the target is to keep T4 level in the upper

Normal range for quite some time before you notice any signs of TSH , I saw a different endo who has a different opinion saying its is better to increase Carbimazole dose so as to dip into Hypo state before recovering again . Its confusing.


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