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Hi again, I was discharged from hospital last night, following an op to remove the second half of my thyroid. My calcium levels were checked and are currently fine. I started T3 yesterday, 20mg to be taken in the morning. I guess it's very early days, but I'm feeling very trembly again. This feeling subsided a couple of weeks ago after I started eating brazils and taking Vit D.

I'm feeling unsure of the diet I should be following now, according to this medication, and considering the RAI I'm due to have in a few weeks time. I do know according to my leaflet that iodine should be avoided, but what else should I know?

My treatment was due to thyroid cancer.

Any suggestions are very welcome.

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I would have thought that your dr would have advised you to split your T3 dose, at worst into two doses, at best into three i.e. 10mcg's first thing in the morning, 5mcg's about lunchtime and the other 5mcg's about 5p.m. Having a single dose when you first start taking it could possible me causing the trembly feeling. I read something the other day and I quote "your body producees T3 throughout the day so why would you dose just once and cause your body stress" This is just my opinion and others may say differently. I also found that keeping my T3 away from food helped.

Cant help you on any of the other questions but I'm sure there areothers on here that will.

Good luck with it.

Moggie x


Great advice from Moggie. You may also want to get your iron, ferritin, B12 and folate tested if you haven't already. Sub-optimal levels can make it difficult to use the T3 and cause the symptoms you describe.

Sorry I can't answer your other questions. I'm sure someone else will be able to though :)

Carolyn x


Hi Yes great advice, I would go even further and say to take a week or 2 to achieve the target dose and a blood test about 6 weeks later.

Best wishes,



Hi, if you google low iodine diet you will get loads of advice. There is also an excellent low iodine cookbook available on Amazon. Your T3 dose seems very low, I take 20mcg 3 times a day! Hope all goes well for you, I'm still not fully recovered from surgery and that was back in October. Take things easy, your body has been through a lot.


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