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Well, im paying 1,500 pound for mri on neck, I feel its unrelated to me being hyperthyroid. bloody terrible.

my neck has been horrendious for over a year and driving me nuts, I have just been given my laters test which show, TSH still very very low but t4 and 3 coming down, but thyroglobulin antibody continues to rise, no endo no meds arghhhhhhhh but to wait another 6 to 8 weeks for more blood test.

I can not cope with all the smptoms of being hyper and hypo, but my biggist issue is my poor neck, I have written and ask for scans in this area, mmm no joy, therfore I am having to fund for one my self. argghhhhhhh but its driving me nuts, I was using the money to see Dr S as he seems to be one of the only pro that can help.

I am terribly tired and my right hand in now swelling, I no the cause? but feel I am not getting through.

thought I would give you update.

only because, you lot on here have got me this far.

thanks, fellow members.

Merissa xx

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Hi, what an awful amount! Did you make it clear to them that you're paying for this yourself and not re-claiming from anywhere? I found that hospitals charge differently if they know you're paying yourself and not with an insurance, also different hospitals have different charges. After the MRI make sure they give you the CD, don't let them send it to anyone else.

But thinking about this, if you were saving the money to see Dr S have you phoned him to ask advice and tell him what's going on and that you're paying for an MRI? You could phone and say you're not a patient yet but would like advice on what to do. He might say he can't help and to get the MRI but he might even say you don't need one and he can help if you can get a referral to him. Good luck, I do hope it works out!


Sorry to hear things are still bad Merissa but hopefully the scan will shed some light on things. Sending you a big hug ((())) xxx


When are you having the scan? I don't know that much about scans but does it need to be an mri? could it have been another type?

We ended up paying £600+ for a cat scan for my daughter's ear, we don't have a piece of art anywhere on our walls that cost anywhere near that so I think we should frame it and put it up, you may want to do the same.

Who will interpret the results? or is that included in the £1500?



Thanks always for responding xx I have results interperated by the specialist doing the scan with a disk. I have 1 part of neck under ear and spinal scan, blood test. The pain under my ear has drove me nuts, on and off, my left ear makes crunching noises and sends pain into the back of my head. However because I have had seperate issues, such as perimenapuse, hypo and hyper, confirmed by blood test, I darent contine to keep going on, docs already thinks its depression, lol wat the heck. Must say had a few investigations!!! but adding them altogether gives a complete diagnoses of Autimmune D.

out of deperation a year ago, I seeked different sources and felt because TSH was normal, 3.68 lol then it was me and I needed a natural route, on this route I got a ear infection and I allowed a private practitioner to put there finger in my ear and with force pulled my whole ear drumb down and we both heard it crunch( this is true) a old techneque which should draw any ear wax. I am not saying that this will be the cause but , under my ear has not been the same, I havent said out because I could be so very wrong.

I have saved money to see Dr S, but feel this issue needs sorting, also was found to have a spinal fracture. I havent told g.p becasue she will think Im nuts as like I said I have had a few investigations.

hey ho, here I go, I really hope that the cause is established. I realise the muscles and left side of my thyroid is sensitive and relavant to my blood results and some of my smptoms.

phew, Its seems whilst I have been trying to determine the cause of my other smptoms I picked up some more on the way lol, gotta laugh really. I will go for scans then focus back on my crazy blood results. If I new back then what I no know, I would have bank full of money and the N H S would of saved some aswell.


will post when I have been, sorry I keep posting but these forums have made me positive and strong at times and determined to keep going, sometimes its really difficult as I feel like crap ( sorry) xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi, have you mentioned to a dentist that your ear makes crunching noises and causes pain to the back of your head? That could also be a jaw problem - not helped by the private practitioner pulling on the area.

Sorry to read how things have snowballed and hope you solve at least some of it soon :)


Just had to comment, your term snowballed is completely correct indeedie.

definetly snowballed, consultants up the wrong ally.

will speak to my dentist about this, if no results from scans.



Think I replied, thanks sue, clarebear and frambouse.x


Phew, how awful for you, keep us posted :-)


Merissa, I also have the exact same thing with my ear, crunching, popping, pain in bone around ear going into back of head. I have had my ears checked a number of times, and no infection found. After trawling the internet I think mine could be TMJ. Look it up and see if you think it applies to you. I have actually started getting jaw pain when I open my mouth wide to yawn etc, which backs up my theory too. Good luck with everything.



Surely Dr. S can write to GP and ask for the MR. All my private consultants do this if asked.



The cost sounds a LOT...and I HATE the very thought of anyone being totally ripped off, and that sounds way over the top to me, bear in mind it is not a large area that needs to be scanned!

Recently I came across a local (to me) service that can arrange scans (for pain purposes) for VERY, very much less than this - maybe they can do the scans you need for the purpose you need for less.... the costs are SO much lower, then even travelling from the far ends of the country would seem potentially very financially worthwhile - for the price difference you could probably go by First Class rail or Fly! ;-)

It might also indicate lower cost scans are available elsewhere too with a bit of research!

Have a look here...

(they use this service - )

It's got to be worth an email to see if they can accommodate your needs!

{BTW I haven't used them, but I have been treated by the owner of the site as an NHS patient only when he was at Walsgrave Hospital Coventry some years back, otherwise than that I have no connection whatsoever, and it was the pain site on here that alerted me to the scanning service!}

There is also an old thread on the MoneySavingExpert web site too with another London based scan service mentioned as well as the one I have mentioned:


Hy there thanks for that, yes I no its expensive, this includes, dye and £50 pound train fare.

I thought about going to germany? lol, I feel such a fool asking yet again for a scan, I have been ignored when I have asked for a dexta scan, I had a neck ultrasound looking at the thyroid( multinnodular goitre) and was asked basically wait and see. however the neck Im feeling pain is under my ear, mastoid bone I think. I no I have had a body of test instigated by proffessions, but the test I wanted have been ignored and I had to pay out to prove Im not well, however I was having a scan without g.p refferal as I was fed up with the term normalllllll. I dont wont to feel humilated and also if anything wrong, then I am going to take action.

Nhs test, some have bin normal, private test abnormal , because the nhs wouldnt test the bloods I wanted argghhhhhhh. therefore I would rather look a fool on my own, rather than the gp saying normal. had to look for scan without g.p referral, Im not happy about it indeed.

I will lokk at the sites suggested.

thanks a million xx


Look at Body Realignment and Jan Trewartha - £80 only! This could be a neck problem related to any incident in your past, i.e. whiplash. I have done some TMJ releases on people while training with Jan and this can release tension in the jaw. Can be done at home as well.


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