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Muscle testing!

An interesting thing. I am just starting Armour and not having an easy time of it so far....however, when I energy/muscle test my body with the Eltroxin, it goes weak, telling me this is not good for me and when I do the same with Armour, it tests strong on half a grain, strong on 1 grain and weak on anything after that, telling me that my body needs up to 1 grain but no more.

I love energy work and those of you who are familiar with it, know that it's great for testing which foods are better for your unique body.

Thought some of you guys would like to know this, is all......

PurrJones :)

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When you are on any thyroid medication, the question is 'how do you feel'. If you feel good you are on an adequate dose , if not you either need to up your dose or, after a good trial, try an alternative.



I'm not using muscle testing as an alternative to actually trying the thyroid and going by symptoms. This is not what I'm saying at all!

This was interesting to me due to the fact that Eltroxin really does not work for me and I am giving Armour a try.




Simply listening to my body.... ;)

I was about to give up on Armour because of stomach ache, but my body seems to want it is what I'm essentially saying.


That's what the doctors' don't understand. Listening to our bodies - and when I told mine 'I feel awful on levo' he told me to prove that I would have to stop it. I did just that a few months later when the Endo gave me 10mcg of T3 and it was the best I felt since before diagnosis. I proved to myself as well that I had to try and alternative - anything but levo.


Another 'typical' G.P, I see!


Yes! Pat on the back for sticking to your guns on that one, Shaws. I'm glad the T3 route suits your body. Looking forward to feeling good in the future :)


With every change I improved each time and on T3 alone was good but I still had insomnia.

My regime is now 1 1/2gr naturethroid and half T3 and it is the best for me, especially sleep and I feel very good and energetic.

I wish you success.


Oh!! How interesting, Shaws....I'm so happy for you. Being energetic...I can't quite remember what that's like yet. ;)

If Armour doesn't work for me, I'm thinking I'll try Erfa thyroid. Hopefully I'll get somewhere!

Thanks. Have a great wknd.



Hi, I've had a few people muscle test me for various things but have never muscle tested myself. One person who tried this with me was a complete nut but others have been remarkably accurate. Please can you explain how to do it myself in the way you do?


Hey Framboise!

Aha....yes, I'm one such 'nut'...;)

I'm of a very alternative school of thinking...

Here are links of one way you can test..

Although I used another, similar method of holding the item to be tested in one hand, while seated. I raise the opposite knee and with the other hand, push the knee towards the floor again. The knee will stay strong and resist if the item is compatible with your body. If not, you will easily push the knee back towards the floor. <---I do hope this is understandable?!!!


Thank you I'm going to devour those sites and see if I can do as you do! I'll probably be back with questions though because I want to master this.

No, I doubt you're like the nut I met ;) I believe in our inner energy and that we can move it around and use it and after various experiences with the medical 'profession' I prefer the natural way. The person I'm thinking of was very loud and gung-ho, though a great deal of himself, throwing little vials around the room and saying how valuable they were, wouldn't test for what I asked ('everyone has that', 'oh I don't have time to test your meds') but tested me for other things to do with a conversation we'd had, the details of which were clearly still in his mind. I wasn't happy with what he said or what he wanted me to buy so went to a lady I'd been to before who tests vibrations and asked her to test for what he claimed was wrong with me. Her test came back the opposite way round and as she'd been right several times before I went with what she said.


Hahaha! Well, you made me giggle with this tale.

I have also met a few quacks in my time...including a 'Spiritual Healer' who told me I'd be cured if I didn't swallow for 2 hours. <---'Tis impossiblé! ;D :D

Yes, ask away and I will do my best to answer. I always recommend Ms. Donna Eden and her energy work, whom you will find on Youtube. I think she's fab...and no, nobody is paying me to say so. ;)


Now why did I just instantly need to swallow..!? ;-)





Haha! :)

You'd better not.... You've been warned. :D



I am wondering - how do you test your muscles strength PurrJones ???? Does your stomach feel better today??( after taking armour I mean)



Hey Edysia! How are you, dear?

I posted some links above and I hope they explain a bit? If not...ask me again.

Today, I took the tiniest bit of Armour. Not really much to speak of....I've decided to take it real slow. I don't want to jinx anything, but fingers crossed!! Dare I say I had more energy today?? I went for a decent walk for the first time in ages....*eeeeek*

Will have to wait and see. *Peeks out behind fingers*



So Armour was giving me tons of strength...and I was feeling great apart from the fact that I was having gluten reactions from it. My stomach was aching and I had neurological symptoms and mood-swings. All of the same symptoms I get from gluten, but then one of the fillers id 'dextrose', which is derived from wheat. :( I have to give up my Armour and have ordered Westhroid. Hopefully, it will do the same great job, without the allergies! x


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