Hi, I don't really know if I should have joined, as I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet, but my symptoms are exactly the same as what I've seen on here, they all started 12 years ago! I was just fobbed off again and again by the doctors that I just had a balance problem! All the time I thought I was gonna die, I am going to make another appointment at the doctors for a thyroid test as I have, palpatations,tiredness,headaches,bruising,dizziness,stiffness,brittle hair, carpal tunnel, the list goes on and on, I just want to get better for my children and husband as I feel I have been a burden on them for too long now, as I can't stand to be left on my own cos I panic I'm going to go dizzy and pass out, and then because I panic I feel even worse!

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  • Hi donna95 and welcome to the site :) There are many people on this site who are undiagnosed too so you are in good company.

    Your symptoms could very well be thyroid related and sound very similar to mine at diagnosis. Once you have your thyroid test results then please post them on here together with the ranges (these need to come from your own report as they vary by lab). Doctors often say results are normal but they may not be normal for you. I was told my results were OK as although my TSH was high my free T4 was just about in range. I had to fight to get treatment initially but am so glad I did as my life has been transformed.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing your results. Oh and by the way other things that it would be really good to get tested would be iron, ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folates, as these are often low in hypothyroidism and can make the symptoms much worse. xx

  • Thank you for your kind words, I'm really glad you are better now, I have an appointment at the doctors in half an hour I will let you know how it goes x x

  • Good luck :) xx

  • Back from the doctors and I'm having blood test Wednesday, and she's arranging for me to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours, although I've had that done before, but will wait and see what the blood results are, I don't know if I can cope with feeling like this though untill then :( x

  • Try and stay positive - hopefully things will start to improve soon. If you don't manage to get a diagnosis from your GP, then it might be a good idea to get the list of private doctors from Thyroid UK, as they are more likely to diagnose in the old fashioned way I.e. by symptoms rather than just blood tests. Xxxx

  • Thank you, I'm trying to stay positive but today has been really hard and have cried for most of it and I don't know why! Will hopefully get some answers soon, can't wait to feel better again, I will keep in mind about a private doctor if I don't get anywhere x x

  • Donna95 my heart was playing up before diagnosis and it is a common symptom and your other symptoms also seem hypo.

    Just for your information, this is a doctor who was taught to diagnose by clinical symptoms and before the TSH came into being used for diagnosing. He sees so many people who are told they have no thyroid gland problems.


    If you would like to read about one woman's journey, I would recommend Tears Behind Closed Doors and maybe Thyroiduk.org might have one to lend you for the cost of postage. They also have other books which you may like.

  • Hi Make sure you have a test for TSH T4 and Free T3 as a start. Now many Gp`s ( NHS) only do TSH to start with and that may be "normal". you can pay for them through the site, on line, without an authorisation. If you do that make sure you use a well known Lab that any doc you choose to show them to will accept them.I had to fight for treatment for years, sadly it is not easier now.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Donna, i was undiagnosed for a long time and your symptoms seem similar to mine before my hyperthyroidisim (graves disease) was diagnosed. My gp was a nightmare with me and tried to put everything down to depression. It wasnt until i started to be admitted to hospital over 18 times that a doctor found there was a problem. It was my LFTS that were showing up wrong way before the thyroid did. Take care and dont give up with them if i felt ill i mithered the life out of them. One doctor said to me you are depressed and i told her the only thing that was depressing me was an insulting doctor, she never mentioned depression to me again lol xx

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