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Blood results

Grrrrrr just got out of doctors, not very productive! These are the blood results he gave me and this is all they are testing for. Tsh 1.2 t4 14.6 he questioned why is wanted the results and I mentioned it was so I could consult on a support forum and he said to be weary about them as a doctors diagnosis is the only thing that matters. Told him about still being symptomatic and he pretty much said thats what you get for googling it. So didn't feel better at all for going be be honest. Said i need to get it checked annually but it's way sooner than that as every six months I've become symptomatic and low and behold it's been under again.

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Hi Misswinky, I'll add my grrrrrr. How insulting. Maybe you should tell him that your FT3 must be in the higher part of the range to relieve symptoms and since you still have symptoms, he could prove they are all in your head if that proves to be true. You could also tell him you know your T4 has to convert to FT3 and blood tests could prove that as well. And if not, perhaps your adrenal glands are under par and flattening your thyroid hormone.

I'm sure he'll still fob you off, those types always do, but at least you will have the last word.

Perhaps you should order your own hormone to add to what is given since they pay no attention anyway.

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Misswinky34, You get symptoms from being undermedicated, not from Googling. As you're symptomatic your GP could have increased dose so that TSH is in the lower ref range 0.35-1.0 and FT4 higher in range. Read Treatment Options in Email (office closed until Jan 5) if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Just tell your doctor that the forum you've joined is the recommended NHS Choices for information and help on the thyroid gland. You are taking their advice as you want to recover your health as much as you can.

Your TSH at 1.2 might be a bit high yet for you as many of us need it around or just below 1 and a few need it suppressed. I don't know the ranges for T4 but it looks low and if it is too low you cannot convert to enough T3 and it is T3 which is required in our receptor cells (T4 should convert to t3).

So you're cheeky doctor blames your complaint of not feeling well is because it is the result of your googling. Well, you will get more help from the members than him.

Next time you get your blood test (you may have done than already) have the earliest possible appointment and fast and leave about 24 hours between your dose of levo and the test. Take levo after. Ask for copies each time from the surgery and make sure the ranges are stated. If the receptionist makes a remark say that Dr ? knows I am asking for them from now on.

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Your tsh is low as is your t4

this indicates to me you have Central /pituarity hypothyroid as opposed to the only very different kind Primary Hypothyroid which is all your gp has a remote understanding of

Go back and request he educates himself on it

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I think Misswinky34 is already on levothyroxine, RFU - 100mcg, I think.


I am jazz yes x


But what is your

free t3




vit d3

1000mcg of levo would be no use never mind 100mcg if you have low ferritin etc and cannot convert it into the t3 your cells need to function

If you are correctly medicated your free t4 should be more like 19 or 20 and free t3 more like 6 or even 7

TSH is irrelevant

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They won't even test for that fed up this is what I asked him. I wonder if it's a bit of a postcode lottery or I was just unlucky in who I saw today


Complain to the practice manager

the tests needed to correctly assess whats going on are exactly as i have outlined

suggest the practice manager educates themselves via this NHS choices website


My gp has said I don't need to go back until a years time!! He was a locum so I may ask to see a different doctor. He couldn't even give me a straight answer if I had been tested for that anti body he just said it's likely to be hashimotos as the cause. Went for a bit of clarity and received none. The only positive I took from it was that my fertility doctor said one if the results should be u see 2 to help conceive and it is under that. For now :/


Ask him which school he went to for manners. Then advise him to ask for a refund! :)


As for not being part of a support forum, that's got nothing to with him!! Im part of I fertility network too and I would never discourage anyone from getting support.

If he had been any use for information in the first place I wouldn't have to rely on google or sited like these!!


Infertility? Another hypo symptom:


Pity he does not also recognise the genetic risks of passing on hashimotos too


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