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can someone help with my test results

hi, im new to the site. about 3 years ago i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after sevral visit to the doctors then i asked them to check my thyriod. i never really felt that unwell, i had palpitations,shaking and weight loss i lossed 2 stone with out even trying. then i had radioactive iodine which worked so i now take levothroxine. i wish i had not had the treatment because since then i feel unwell most of the time. i still have palpitions and shakiness, but also very heavy period, pain in my neck, sholders and arms, hair loss and lots more. I have asked for my test results so if anyone can help i would be very grateful.

12/04/10 - t4 12.9 tsh 13.1

22/04/10 - t4 23.0+ tsh <0.05 t3 5.8

07/12/10 - tsh 0.33

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Really sorry to hear that Mandy. Your second set of results put you at the top of the t4 range and more or less in the middle of the t3 range, with TSH suppression due to the large amount of exogenous hormone.

Looking at your results, I would say you are naturally calibrated to be near the top of the normal ranges. In your first set of results, your t4 is still within range, but your pituitary is screaming for more. Given this, I think you might be a prime candidate for some t3 supplementation since you're not at the top of the t3 range. The reason could be because your thyroid is no longer producing t3 directly like it normally would.

Just an idea. Run it by your endo.

That's the only thing I can think of that might be worth a try.


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