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BRISTOL SUPPORT GROUP- request to be interviewed and possibly filmed to talk about Thyroid disease

I have been aproached by The Knowle west Media Centre to ask the group if anyone would like to talk about Thyroid illness,theirs or someones close to them .This is for a local project called The University of local Knowledge. If any one is interested then maybe we can talk about it this Friiday

Thanks Sal

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Hi Sal - yes I might be able to although I am a bit camera-shy :D

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday :) xx


ooo, this sounds interesting! :-)

Would we be able to get a copy of the video do you think?

Be great if someone could mention Thyroid UK in the course of telling their story..! ;-)




If I do it I will deffo mention TUK :) That is if thouogh :D xx


You will do a good job Clarebear! go for it!


well i wish we had that in my area i would have my vile photos on scren too can you ask if anyone will do same interview in the south east go for it clarebear.


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