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Thyroid and Autoimmune Support Group for Hertfordshire and surrounding counties UK


I run a little support group on Facebook which is Hertfordshire centred, though we accept members from surrounding counties and London. We are organising our first little meet up over the Christmas period, though we are mainly Facebook orientated due to the ill health of members.

Its a great little group so if you are based in or around Hertfordshire do feel free to come over and join.



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Hi Joanna

I have pinned this for you so it will remain in the list to the right for people to see..

We have a couple of FB-based groups on our support network list - let me know if you would like us to add your group...

If you are planning to meet up regularly, we can also offer you some posters to advertise the group.

We are also happy to send through some information and Magazine back issues.

Support Network group leaders can also get TUK Membership for £10 instead of £20 or £15..




Thanks Louise. Yes please add us to the support network list. If you would be happy to send some magazine back issues that would be great and I will look at joining in January. We are scheduled to have our first meet up in St Albans on the 27th December. My email is .Jx


Thank you for posting. I am in Hertfordshire so I shall pop on over to Facebook :)

Carolyn x


You are most welcome Carolyn. Jx


Thanks :)


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