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Well its 2.30am, been asleep since 10pm and awake since 1am. Yet another symton of Hashimot0's or too much Thyroxine? Did have an increase in thyroxine last week from 100 mcg to 125 mcg - have to say that I,ve had sleep problems since being diagnosed 7 months ago, but not as bad as this. Assume I will have to persevere and let things settle? Are there any more night owls out there?

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3.49 hi

i have hashi's and it affects my sleep pattern whether i am under or over-replaced, same as you, i get to sleep and then wake up a lot.



Thanks Guys you all made be feel better by just knowing there are others out there with the same . . . . . now have to do a full days work! Daft thing is I don't feel tired, although the dark circles and suitcases under my eyes tell a different story.

Heyho . . . onwards and upwards.


If I get 3 hours I consider it a good night. Saw doctor yesterday and he has raised my meds to 75grams. He told me not to take pills on morning of next blood test as it gives a false reading. He is raising meds slowly to avoid palpitations. Fond hypnotic tatapes help to get off to sleep but wake up frequently througout night. Let's see if increase helps. Do not let myself sleep in the day. Good to know others are in the toss turn cycle-sorry that seems selfish. Will post again if I find a solution


Hi there,

I'm a night-owl too!Hello.

I am waking at 2.30am but sometimes later,as my Levothyroxine has just been increased from 75mcg to 100mcg.This was upped last friday,after waiting 6 months and 4 GP appointments.Finally,I phoned the hospital myself,complained about my GPs and they took another look at my results.The Endo contacted my GP and told him to increase my Levo immediately.If no improvement after 4 weeks,increase to 125mcg.

I,too,have Hashimoto's.

The night sweats and sleep disturbance has lessened since my dose has been increased but it's early days.

Nice to talk to a fellow owl,

Paula x


I was diagnosed with hashimotos almost 2 years ago now. My insomnia is really bad I cannot get to sleep until after2am sometimes 3am and then I wake 2 to 6 times anight to pass urine. :( it's terrible I wake up so tired I can never get out of bed until after 1130am. My endo won't rise my meds . I still have all of the symptoms I started with plus new ones


I get similiar waking problems and was told that was a symtom of fibromyalgai and given amitriptaline that works, i sleep all night and wake feeling shattered and tired with aching muscles.


Hi shejay, I have Hashimotos and have the same problem. I find that if I go to bed before midnight I fall asleep ok but I seem to wake up about an hour later (sometimes with strange visual things) and then I can't get back to sleep until 5 or 6am. It's so frustrating because you feel so tired and you desperately want a good night's sleep - I know. I do wonder if it is the levothyroxine too. I'm taking 100mcg. Before I was diagnosed and medicated I could often sleep up to 18 hours a day - I dont know what's worse!

Sorry that doesn't exactly answer your question but the good thing about this site is that you find you're not alone and that most of our symptoms are common.



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