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Thank you So Much Now on Thyroxine

I made my first post a week or two ago posting results of the tests I had done via thyroid UK with genova and have since had my appointment with the endo.

As with the past 2 years I have been seeing her (every 4-6 months) she tried to tell me my problem was not the thyroid as it was 'borderline' and tried to get me to take metformin again - 1) I don't have diabetes and

2) Metformin made me feel very unwell!

I produced my own blood test results and those of my biological mother (whom I was not raised with and have recently reconnected)

She was very interested in my family medical history and the fact that both my mother and grandmothr suffer hypothyroid and other issues

Bottom line, I left with a prescription for Levothyroxine 50mcg, which I've been taking now for 7 days without any effect :(

I will persevere and am also taking vitamin D for a deficiency, as well as B complex and am awaiting the results of further tests that were suggested by people on this board.

Thank you so much for being here, you gave me the strength to be assertive and proactive in my own treatment. I really thought I was going out of my mind and feel so very poorly

I'm looking forward with anticipation to being able to function once again

I'm wondering how long I need to take the levothyroxine before I'll feel any benefit (if any) or at which point I'll need to tweak the treatment or explore other treatments

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That is good news and it's a step in the right direction! It can take 4-6 weeks for levo to build up and you may need a further increase after a few weeks. Even once you are on the correct dose for you, it can still take a while to fully recover; after all, you have likely been unwell for a while and it may take a few months to completely reverse the damage.

The vitamin D will probably help too.

Keep us updated with your progress. I hope you see some improvement soon :)

Carolyn x


Yaay! did you tsh go above 10 and then suddenly you are hypothyroid?

Really pleased for you, keep us posted. Be patient as you increase your dose - hopefully until your TSH is under 1 and your free t4 is at the top of the lab range.

Thanks for sharing your news.



you'll get there, I also did not feel any benefit on 50mcg, not until I got to >100mcg (over 100mcg), just to say that whilst some may feel a benefit on lower doses or shortly after starting, many others may not, so keep going xxx :) really happy for you :)


Thanks so much. I'll persevere and see how it goes.

I'm so glad I asked to see the endocrinologist herself as in the past I've been seen by various members of the 'team'. I did not realise you were allowed to insist on seeing the actual consultant until I started reading here, so thanks for that too - I think it helped alot :)

I still feel awful and am barely getting by. It's so depressing, but now I have some hope and am thankful for that.


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