TSH 7.55 and FT4 15

I have been on thyroxine for over 18 months and have upped it to 100mcg as TSH over 7. Just had bloods taken again and TSH still over 7 - TSH 7.55 and FT4 15. GP said to up thyroxine to 125 mcg. I have decided to order Westhroid as I did well on that 18 months ago and only stopped when I couldn't get it due to folks who were on Armour changing over to Westhroid as pharmacy changed ingrediants in Armour. Do you feel unwell with a TSH 7.55?

I also have another immune disease - Primary Billiary Cirrhosis - my body thinks my bile ducts are foreign and so attacks them.....

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  • It used to be that Nature-Throid was hypo-allergenic and Westhroid was not. But in recent years, I believe that they are 100% identical to each other, hypo-allergenic and they only retain two names for marketing/continuity reasons.

    I do not know if I would feel ill with a TSH of 7.44 - never knowingly been that high!

  • I would feel pretty unwell with a TSH of 7. What is the range for your fT4? They vary so much that is hard to know where abouts in the range you are. xx

  • Thanks for your replies. I normally get copies I think range is 12 to 22. x

  • Well in that case it looks like you need an increase in thyroxine or to move to a slightly higher equivalent dose of Westhroid. xx

  • I had to see another GP and he called today and said that he didn't want to deal with my thyroid until I saw my liver specialist. I said but I am already taking 100 mcg of thyroxine. He said oh I didn't realise. I said I had the increase to 100 mcg approx 3 months ago because my TSH was over 7 then and still is and he said increase to 125 mcg!!!! Aaargh read my records before you phone me!!!!

    Not sure if I am going to increase thyroxine yet as I can't work out if the itching / burning is due to PBC, underactive thyroid or perimenopause. My periods are very heavy with big clots (sorry TMI) and I have to change every hour on first / second day and I only had 21 days between last period. Again this may be down to thyroid issues.

    I am so looking forward to receiving Westhroid. I am going to get some Aveeno cream and body wash and also try doublebase. This itching / burning is driving me totally insane, so much so, that I am on two sleeping tablets to be able to get any sleep. I am nearly at the end of my tether with it all to be honest. x

  • Hi First of all essential you have a Free T3 test you may well need T3 treatment too. T3 normally also lowers the TSH.I have liver disease. I have never found any inter reaction between liver and thyroid or the drugs.It sounds to me as if you would really benefit seeing an endo, they deal in lots of things but particually hormones, which covers loads of things Make sure it is some one good before asking for a referral!


  • Thanks Jackie. I think I did see the top Endo in Aberdeen and I was so poorly. This was years ago. He said you must be on thyroxine and I said no and he shouted you must be as your TSH is over 14 and I said NO. My GPs had missed this too. I only got diagnosed with PBC after years of telling doctors I was ill by buying this house and trying to get life insurance but got refused due to high LFTs!! I have tried telling GPs that I need T3 as this is the active form and because my liver is not functioning correctly I was concerned that T4 wouldn't be converted. I know that there are other areas that convert. The GPs just poopoo me on this one. Sx

  • Hi again - yes that is an interesting point about your liver and conversion. Most of the conversion process does take place in the liver I believe, as you say. Hopefully the direct T3 in the Westhroid will really help you. xx

  • Thanks Clarebear, I am keeping everything crossed. I spent nearly a year in bed approx 2008 as so ill and I got help on a lovely forum and I decided to take action and liaised with Dr Myhill and got Westhroid. Even my GP who was happy to take my bloods noticed a huge difference in 6 weeks. Even on it a couple of days and it was like someone had switched a light on.......

    The only reason I had to go back to levo was due to changes in Armour and everyone jumped on Westhroid so couldn't get it. Tried other generic ones and I felt awful. I have been blaming a lot of symptoms on PBC and now that I am off work I have been doing some research. I realised I started to feel unwell approx 18 months ago and this is when I stopped taking Westhroid and took levo. I am keeping everything crossed that Westhroid will help. xx

  • TELL, don't ask your physician, to switch you to Armour Thyroid. Armour takes care of TSH, T3, T4..whereas, Levothyroxine takes care of T4, but some people are unable to convert it to T3. Natural vs synthetic rx

  • LoMo, thanks for reply. I am in UK and my GPs won't prescribe Westhroid, Armour etc. I had to liaise with Dr Myhill in Wales and she is happy to prescribe and my GPs are happy to do blood tests. So if it all goes wrong the onus is on Dr Myhill!!

    Just back from seeing new GP and he wants my Ferritin level to be 70 and once there to maintain it. He says that this will also help my slightly low hemoglobin. All this is probably due to my very, very heavy periods. Hopefully once I am on Westhroid this will correct itself.

    I have ordered Westhroid from International Pharmacy so hopefully it will arrive in the next week or so.

    Thanks again for all your replies - really appreciate it. xx

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