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Just got tsh levels back ,0.1.

Still feeling terrible every day.

Cannot tolerate any dose of thyroxine now ,if I lower it just by 12.5 mcg I feel like death and if I increase it I still feel like death.

I cannot feel well on any dose .

Seeing Endo for second opinoin in 2 weeks.,will discuss Armour or t3 with Endo and start as soon as possible after that.

I have managed on thyroxine for 14 years ,but never been that well on it ,but managed to work and live a fairly normal life until last year,when thyroid went haywire.

Cannot work or function normally.

Why would this happen ?


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Just gotta ask....what brand of Levo are you getting?


mercury pharma


Hi Susie. Well I just knew it would be MP levo. Damned stuff should be banned. If you do a search on here you will find lots of people having probs with MP. I flagged this up months ago. I can say with great confidence that it is the MP levo making you feel so unwell.

See if your GP can can specify another brand like Activis on your prescription. It took me months to get over MP nearly killing me....really. Doc wanted me to go to A&E on 3 occasions but I refused cos I knew I would be admitted....I don't do hospitals!

Stop taking the MP for a few weeks and see how you feel. It won't do you any harm.....but it may take longer. It took me 2 months of no meds before I began to feel ok-ish!

The good that came out of it for me was discovering NDT, which I now take, and for the last couple of months it's the best I've felt in years.

You may want to get your GP to check for things Intrinsic Factor antibodies,Thyroid anti's etc as the MP levo caused me all sorts of auto immune issues like Pernisious Aenemia for one.

Please Yellow Card the MP levo,,,info on here how to do it.

I have spoken to a lawyer friend who feels there are prob grounds for a 'Class Action' against MP as many of us have had real problems. MP have been producing their generic levo under the same product license as their old Eltroxin and he advises me this is definitely not legal! Sorry to ramble on but it's a measure of how I'll it made me and how strongly I feel about it!

Best of will start to feel better.


Hi FlatFred, Just read your post with interest, as Mercury Pharma is the only one I feel well on! I have tried Activis and Wockhard (not knowingly, as I thought all of the Thyroxine was the same) and ended up feeling so ill I had to get another prescription from GP, as Chemist would not change meds. Now I get MP from a Chemist who knows that is the only brand I can tolerate. Maybe i am keeping them in business single handedly! :D


What are you fT4, fT3, ferritin, folate, B12 and vit D last results? I had the same pproblem on Levo, turned out I was not converting it properly due to low iron. If you have convertion problems, you should take a look at T3 supplementation and\or NDT and correct the levels of the vits,mins you have too low.


All of above test within normal limits.


Did the members of this community see these test results and said they are optimal or did your dr say they're normal?


One very important aspect of Thyroid disease , which is completely overlooked , is that Fuoride in our water supply is completely playing havoc with the Thyroid gland. It is not enough to drink bottled water, as all prosessed food has been manufactured with tap water and since fluoride is a salt it does not evaporate as for instance chlorine wich is a gas and by boiling it dissapears. In contrast the longer you boil fluoridated water the more it intensifies . Fluoride builds up in your system over years and we are more than likely now seeing the result . Thyroid disease has by now become so complicated that it takes an expert to get to the bottom. Where hormones are involved it takes a person who is able to look at the whole picture . I think it is time to insist on getting rid of fluoride and demand some research on the topic of Thyroid.

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Only a small proportion of our water supply is fluoridated.

You might think the source of this document is suspect, but so far as I know it is fairly accurate:



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