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Dr Sarah Myhill Licence Restored

Anyone who was aware of the suspension of Dr Myhill will probably be pleased to read the story below. Full details by following the links:

Breaking news

* On 6th January 2011 the Interim Orders Panel, GMC, made the decision to lift the suspension of my GMC registration and to restore my licence to practise medicine. The Panel again placed a small number of procedural conditions on my registration. The Determination can be read on the Supporting Dr Myhill website.


4 Replies

that is fantastic news.


At last commonsense is prevailing, congratulations to Dr Myhill and thank you for staying so strong during some very difficult years. Let us now look forward to positive times and a healthier future.



As if patients do not have enough to contend with, why cause patients and the doctor all this unnecessary stress.


Yes this was great to hear, she is taking on new patients for those willing to travel to Wales.

Dr skinner and dr myhill are being continually picked at as were others, I find it upsetting how endo's that I have seen slag dr skinner off and yet dr skinner remains professional and has more common sense than the lot of them!


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