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TPO level


Does anyone know what Thyroid peroxidase antibody level should be? I've just been told that mine was 257 iu/ml - there isn't a range listed but print out says TPO antibody borderline, at that same time my TSH was 6.50 (0.25 - 5.0) and Free T4 17.4 (9.0 - 23.0). There is no mention of ferratin level although i had thought I had seen this listed as a request to test - would it be listed under a different name?

Thanks for your patience, this is a bit of a steep learning curve for me.


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It varies but is usually somewhere round 50 to 75.

Obviously always best to be sure, but I would be amazed if that were not a very clear "positive".


Thank you for your quick reply, excuse my ignorance but this is all very new to me, does this look like it could be hypothyroidism?

Thank you.


TSH suggests yes.

FT4 is not too bad - middle of range can be OK. But the over-range TSH suggests this might not be enough for you.

You might have all sorts of other iron-related test results - but ferritin would in my experience always have the word "ferritin" somewhere. Sometimes certain results are delayed - so check again in a few days.

Have you have a good look round the main Thyroid UK site?

Has lots of info.

I would expect a GP to be starting you on levothyroxine. Anything been suggested?


No GP wanted me to re test in 6 months he suggested I see a homeopath and increase my caffeine! I have spoken to another GP and agreed to 3 months for re test but will see how my symptoms go. I just want to be as informed about it as possible as I have read often they dont like to treat unless TSH is over 10 - don't honestly think I could wait that long.

Thanks very much for your replies - I will have a good read on the main site.


I write as someone who had slow and steady rise of TSH over about two years. Once it went over local top of range (around 5), I started levothyroxine.

My GP seemed to take account of both the steady increase over quite a long time and symptoms. But I was nowhere near as bad as many here.


If you take a look at the tags on the right hand side of this page - click onto 'more tags' and then onto D and search for Dr Toft. He wrote a book from the BMA - Understanding Thyroid Problems. It is very inexpensive - under 5 pounds. Think you doctor will listen to what he has to say as he is in the same club. That is the National Health. Lots of the posts will give the information you require concerning your levels of TSH.

Please do keep asking questions and everyone will be more than happy to help.

Anti-TPO here in Crete indicates that up to 140 is fine. Measurements in IU/ml.



Thanks Marz and Helvella for your replies, I have ordered the book and will have a good read, however am sure I will be back with lots more questions!

Thanks once again.



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