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TPO Antibodies

Hello, I received my antibody test results recently after waiting quite a while for them. All the receptionist could tell me was that the result was positive. I asked for numbers and she said that there was nothing else there.

I have a GP appointment on Tuesday and have been diagnosed as hyperthyroid. I was hoping for postnatal as I am 6 months postpartum, but is it now looking like that's not the case? Or would I have to look at numbers to be sure?

Thanks all.

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without knowing which antibodies are positive we cant tell you

Hyperthyroid means overactive in which case you are likely to have lost weight and have a fine tremor in your hands if you hold your arms out fwd

if you have put on weight and are tired then its hypothyroid


Thanks reallyfedup - I am definitely hyperthyroid, there's no doubt. She said it was only AntiTPO on the results and nothing else.

I'm still getting to grips with the different types of antibodies and confused as to which one means what!


OK in which case they will give you carbimazole to try and damp down the hyperactivity

just watch they do not give you too much

and whatever you do avoid RAI like the plague if they suggest it


I'm currently on 20mg Carb p/day and beta blockers to help with tachycardia, tremors, anxiety etc.

RAI is completely out of the question for me anyway as I am breastfeeding. Does presence of TPO antibodies suggest Graves or Hashis?


Hello there. Anti TPO number is 483.8? I'm still clueless!


That's pretty high. Have you tried a gluten free diet? I had mind checked in the summer they were in the low 300's (TPO and TAb?) Went GF for 3 months and had them checked again and results were 208 and 174 (ish). So it obviously helped. I'm going to go back on it after Christmas - it doesn't affect me too badly but obviously it's not doing me good.


Did they also test your TSH, FT4, FT3, Anti-Tg? Did you get the results? Always ask for a print-out and then you know exactly what's what - what they've done, what they haven't and the exact numbers and ranges of the results. Not only do you then know if they're just B-Sing you but you also have a record for future comparison - are numbers getting worse or better. Also, you can post them on here so that members can better help you. Otherwise, we're just groping in the dark!

Hugs, Grey


Hi greygoose and thank you. Other results were:

TSH - <0.1

FT4 - 39.1

FT3 - 12

Sorry forgot it was another thread they were on!


OK, yes. Does look like you're hyper! lol But, next time, do get the ranges. They are so important to know.

But you still only have the TPO. TPO antibodies can be present in Hashimoto's disease and Graves. To confirm Graves, you need the TRAb, TSHR Ab, TSI to be done. Because it could just be that you are in a Hashi's hyper swing, and therefore you will eventually go hypo.


Okay I think I get it. Thanks greygoose!

Can there be that level of antibodies present with postpartum Thyroiditis?


The presence of antibodies means either Hashi's or Graves, not postpartum thyroiditis.


Misty dog not tried gluten free yet but I'm going to look into it, sounds very promising!


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