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Can you recover from hypothyroidism without medications? Is thyroid hormone treatment for life ?

Sorry, I am still here asking questions, trying to get some hope...

Is it possible to recover from hypothyroidism without hormone therapy?

Is thyroid hormone treatment always for life? or maybe there are some people that take thyroid hormone and stop after some time not needing it any more?

Can you share with me if you know about such cases please?

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It is unusual for people to recover without thyroid hormone - unless the cause is transient. For example, some ordinary, short-term illnesses can cause thyroid hormones to be low for a while.

A modest percentage of people who need, and start, on thyroid hormone do indeed seem eventually able to manage without. But for the majority it is necessary to continue taking to for life. Not sure that this can be predicted, at all.


Jin England once we are classed as under active thyroid we are entitled to free proscriptions for life so when I neede inhalers for asthma for yrs and paid for them I now get all my prescription meds free on nhs



There is always hope. I have heard of people who, by healing their gut issues and working on strengthening immunity, have been able to cease taking thyroid pills.

This is what I am aiming at, long-term! I do see taking thyroid pills as very necessary part of a stepping-stone approach.

It surely takes a while and a bit of research, but I tend to never believe the word 'incurable'. I simply don't accept that our bodies are incapable of healing.

~Hope~Hope~Hope~, though some will think I have a 'utopian' view of the matter.


Since seeing Dr P in December I have been having a go at healing my gut issues and think that has made quite a difference to how I feel. It is early days so I am touching wood of course.

Edysia, you were asking about Dr P. I think one of his strengths is that he looks at you holistically so if there is another health issue that is likely to prevent your recovery he will advise on how to treat that. When I look back now I think my gut issues were resulting in low absorption of vitamins and minerals as well as the thyroid and adrenal treatment so they really did need sorting out because nothing was working properly all the time they weren't sorted. I think if you do have other health issues and he helps you to address them you might feel a bit better and, in turn, not quite so daunted by all this.


You sound just like my sister. She is going along the homoeopathic route but still has to take thyroxine at the moment. Don't know if she will reach her goal but she is having a go and feels happy about her results. Make sure the homoeopath is a really good one though. Not sure how you can check on that. Could PM you the person she is seeing if you want? He uses Skype for follow ups once he has seen you but he does live in Scotland. Perhaps he would Skype for the first appointment but I don't know about that.


Hi, I'm in Scotland and newly diagnosed with hyperthyroid....would really appreciate contact details for this homeopath as its a route I'd be interested in taking...thanks.


I was told by my doctor ages ago not to stop taking medication cause I could end up woese


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