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Can iron be injected sub cut? The blurb on the internet says to avoid sub cutaneous seepage

It was recommended by an nhs specialist that i have a one off iron IV, but the NHS itself (different dept) refuses to give me one, so as usual i'm having to do my own thing.

Does anyone know whether products like Ferrimed can be injected sub cue? I cannot stand another IM, so i'm trying to find out whether sub cue is ok also

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If it is an IM injection then it must be given IM. (lets face it, you wouldn't try ramming a tablet into your skin because it's not the correct route)

If your medication can be given sub cut then only your physician can say or prescribe this :)


I don't have a physician i can rely on so have to source my own products and do things myself. VitB12 is traditionally IM, but many inject it sub cue, hence my question about iron.


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