If you could choose ONE book on Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism which one would it be and why? I'm fed up with looking stuff up on the ...net

I'm tired of spending hours on the internet and feeling like I'm not getting anywhere. Some sites are over 10 years old and can be out of date. And there's conflicting information for Hashimoto's and sub-clinical hypothyroidism whether to go on Levothyroxine or not. I'm on 50mg and don't really feel better or worse. Although reading how bad it can get and how most doctors and endocrinologists don't have a clue is very depressing. Just got back from seeing the worst Endocrinologist (out of 4) so far). :'(

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  • My favourite on hypothyroidism would be "Hypothyroidism - Type 2", by Dr. Mark Starr, and for an overall picture "On Hope and Healing", by Dr. Neil Nathan as well as these websites:



    Also there is information on the main ThyroidUK website: thyroiduk.org and you can also obtain an information pack from the site.

    Jane x x

  • Thank you for the recommend. Money is tight and I've been looking at Hypothyroidism-Type2 for a while on kindle but the negative review recommending it as irrelevant rubbish go for Shomon instead made me too suspicious that I was being carried away on hype again! It's good to know from someone who really uses it I can go ahead finally! Sorry to hijack answers from other people's posts! ;)

  • My first and only so far was 'stop the thyroid madness" As a first book I thought it was very good and informative. As anything else you have to make your own mind up how to manage your health. I also have read prof Tofts book but that is more of a ref. book. I am waiting for Dr skinners book which I have ordered through thyroid uk and I will then read something on adrenal fatigue but dont know what. I think it is very telling that there is so many books written about hypothyroidism.


  • I can thoroughly recommend Dr. Peatfield's book 'Your throid and how to keep it healthy'.

  • ....Me too 1

  • Thank you I've gone for this one too! :)

  • ...from memory Dr S does not believe in the studies of Hashimoto the man !....adrenals - well don't know about that one ! Am not being much help am I !! You may like to try the book from the series - What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About - HYPOYTHROIDISM....A Simple Plan for Extraordinary Results - by Ken Blanchard MD with Marietta Abrams Brill. I recently returned to this book which is now about 10 years old - but liked re-reading the basic information. Every read reveals something NEW !

    Liked STTM too !

  • I have just read this and I found it a good read, but I think it could have been laid out better.

    Maybe a section at the start would be useful to describe what hypothyroidism is, symptoms etc. I found it went straight into stuff quite deep.

  • Hashimotos is as you know an Auto-immune condition. So my line of research would be in that direction. I have Hashi's and also Crohns so learnt early in my life - some 40 years ago - that gut health is so important and is the source of many auto-immune conditions. Leaky Gut Syndrome allows minute particles to pass through the gut lining into the blood stream and anti-bodies swoop in to attack what they perceive as foreign bodies.

    After the brain the gut has the biggest demand on T3 - the active thyroid hormone - so if the thyroid hormones are low then it also seems that gut health is compromised.

    How are your VitD levels ? - there is quite a bit out there on the net about low levels and Auto-immune Disease. How is your gut health ? - B12 is absorbed in the Terminal Ileum - so anything going on in the gut in that area will affect the absorption of this VERY VITAL vitamin.

    Sorry could go on and on ! Am happy to answer any specific questions - based on my experiences rather than my medical knowledge !!

  • The one I liked best was Broda Barnes - The Unsuspected Illness. It dates from 1976 but still seems very up-to-date. It wasn't the first book I read but it's the one that taught me most and helped to sound as if I knew what I was talking about when faced with an idiot doctor! lol

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thanks everyone for your answers. I've seen 2 proper Chinese acupuncturists one before being diagnosed and one after and both said I have gut problems. So I think I need to work on that. I've cut down on gluten but still having some. I'm in Abu Dhabi and it's not so easy to find gluten free stuff. I'll be in the UK for a few weeks soon and will try to fill my suitcase with healthy goodies. Love and best wishes to you all <3

  • ....check out your VitD levels - I have found D3 excellent as it is anti-inflammatory so will help the gut. Also check B12 - Folates - Iron and Ferritin.

    Good luck with the gluten free - am sure it will help you.......plenty of information on this forum re VitD and B12 etc.

    Wishing you well soon ! Check out drmyhill.co.uk and the book by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride called Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Lots of good reading.....

  • Hi! Broda Barnes book has helped me loads. Would also say re the gluten, I did this initially for 8 weeks and noticed a huge improvement. I then started to eat small amounts but I felt unwell after so now I am happily gluten free and I do not miss it. Even small amounts can cause reactions :(

    BUT re gut health, homemade stocks are the best thing for healing your gut lining and this in turn has a hugely positive impact on your overall health! Get down to your butcher for some bones :)

    All the best

  • Hi MTT, thanks for your reply. What did you have as a substitute for bread? What can I spread my Marmite, hazelnut butter, honey, houmous on? :^)

  • I use gluten-free bread, gluten-free oatcakes, buckwheat pancakes, rice or corn cakes (Rude Health brand), gram (chick-pea) flour flat-breads, buckwheat or millet crispbreads. Or I use veggie crudités to mop up hummus, guacamole and the like. Peanut butter is nice on celery sticks and I've used baby lettuce leaves as scoops for savoury dishes and spreads.

  • thanks :)

  • Hi Soldieress, I just cut out bread as the gluten free loaves are too expensive and taste rank most of the time. I will however have better and honey on a gluten free oatcake, houmous on carrot sticks and marmite ........erm I am sure you can make a nice sauce or something to get your marmite fix ;)

  • Better?? Meant BUTTER!! D'oh :)

  • Really interested to hear this as have experienced the same even though blood tested negative for coeliac's so I think I will just follow my instinct and go gluten free too! From things I've read on this site I'm going to try including milk products see what happens because read somewhere that if intolerant tend to crave that foodstuff?! And I crave milk!!! :)

  • The best book for Hashimoto's sufferers is Dr Haskell's "Hope for Hashimoto's". He has most certainly given me hope. If you are interested in doing something about your antibodies and not just treating the symptoms of Hashi's., Dr Haskell has a 3 phase plan which I am already on.

    I've been gluten-free for 4 weeks now and feel it's doing me good. It's not as bad as I thought. Try and get hold of the Coeliac Food and Drink Directory 2013, I was given mine by a friend who is a coeliac. It's a revelation, as they list loads of gluten-free "normal" foods and also do lists by supermarket. The good thing is it can be a very healthy diet. Good luck.

  • Thank you Twinkle 22 xxx :)

    Did you have a test to see if you were gluten intolerant?

  • Hello Soldieress, No I didn't have a gluten test. I did try to find info on Hashi's on UK websites, but found very little advice on how to treat my antibodies. So I went to reputable US sites and found loads of info on fighting thyroid antibodies, including convincing evidence that gluten is toxic for inflamed thyroids. Since I have gone gluten-free, I have noticed that my thyroid seems much less inflamed and no longer hurts.

    I believe that if you suffer with Hashimoto's in the UK, you are very much on your own. I consider myself very lucky that my GP is listening to me, also she knows that I'm on Dr Haskell's 3 phase plan and is willing to test my antibodies, which are not routinely tested for in the UK.

    I was in despair when I was diagnosed 3 months ago, now I do feel hopeful with my plan of action.

    Good Luck

    Twinkle x

  • Thanks, just found his website. :)

  • I agree. One of the reasons I like this book because it is specifically about Hashimoto's while most thyroid books talk about hypothyroidism and tend to presume that hypo and Hashis are the same thing which they are not.

  • I thought my reply would come just below Twinkle22's comment on the Hope for Hashimoto's book as I had clicked on 'reply' but it didn't so this is just to confirm what book I'm talking about!

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