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Does anyone have an upcoming appointment with Dr Peatfield?

I have an appointment with Dr Peatfield on the 29th of January at 3pm in Crawley, however I am in a terrible state and really need to see him as soon as possible, I was wondering if anyone has an appointment between now and then if you wouldn't mind trading slots with me? Levothyroxine isn't working for me and every day I am becoming worse. I will trade for an appointment with Dr P. at any location.

I am on the cancellation list but it doesn't look like there are ever any cancellations.

Please help me if you can,

Thank you


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If anyone would like to respond to Edysia please do so via private message ie: click on Edysia in blue (just under title of post) then click on 'send me a message'.

Best to keep personal details of where you are etc private.


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