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Doctors appointment done

well ive done it, been to see my GP this morning, it wasnt easy and he doesnt agree there is anything wrong with my thyroid as im taking levothyroxine to replace what im missing. But said he would refer me, he has taken a blood test which he says he needs the result for before he can refer and im to see him next friday when he will do the letter. Im not convinced that i have got there but as i told him if there isnt a problem Dr Kettley will just tell me to go away and it cant hurt to try, he couldnt argue with that so wish me luck.

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Well done indeed! Did you know you were going to get blood taken today, and therefore make sure not to take your levothyroxine until afterwards?


nope and ive never been told not to take my meds, funny thing is i have changed my time of taking my meds till later in the day anyway. So what do i say when the results come back and he says the results are fine.


GP's are directed to only prescribe levothyroxine, and It is not enough to look at blood tests and say 'they are fine - they are 'in range'. If any other patient came in with a different problem, the GP would look and listen and then prescribe for the ailment and if the patient came back and said 'that was no good' they would be given another medicine.

Tell him that the aim of levothyroxine or other thyroid meds, is that you have to have enough to relieve you of all symptoms not just make your bloods look good and that sometimes this means being able to add /or take a different thyroid product .

My GP told me he couldn't prescribe T3, or a dessicated thyroid - only levothyroxine - but the hospital eventually added T3. It was the levothyroxine which was giving me all the other horrible side effects, even though the blood tests said I should be fine, and they were treated as being separate problems.


Well second appointment went well, he has my blood test results he says my t4 is 21 which is fine and the other t3 is low which he says is good, i repeated what i said before that other people were just the same with the same symptoms but that changing the medication can make a lot of difference and i would appreciate the chance to discuss this with an expert and what halm can it do. So im now waiting for a date to see dr skelley at colchester.


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