Dr D L Sister (London), Dr Brian McDonogh ( Eagle Clinic, Horsham, West Sussex)

Hello everyone

I would like to ask if anybody visited any of mentioned above professionals. I am waiting for Dr Peatfield appt. but is very far away and I am in desperate need of advice/help.

Any experiences in regards to Dr D L Sister (London), Dr Brian McDonogh ( Eagle Clinic, Horsham, West Sussex)?

Thank You for you help.


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  • I have not consulted with either of these gentlemen

    I have just looked at Dr Sister's site and I think his priority is cosmetic surgery and/or beauty and anti-aging.



    Dr McDonagh is now not registered by the GMC - (I assume he has had similar treatment from them as has Dr P and Dr S)

    Special Interests

    Nutritional medicine in general, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Thyroid problems, Live blood Analysis, Food intolerance, Migraine, ADHD, Adrenal fatigue


  • Not quite the same as Dr P and Dr S but similar.

    Towards the bottom of this page is a quote from Thyroid UK's news at the time:


    and this page is the patient's solicitor's version:


    I wonder if the un-named patient is fit and well these days!

  • Thanks for the link. Some doctors have no chance against their colleagues' interpretation of facts.

  • I've seen one of them and will PM you but probably in the morning as it's late now.

  • Thank you Framboise.

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