OMG I've just listened to my voice mail and listened to my Sisters rant

She says ignore the Internet and those peolpe who are advising you they are just on the Internet, listen to your Dr He is the only one who can help, you are just alienating all your family and we hate to see you like this , we love you to bits ,but if you won't listen to your family and Dr on and so've have sent her emails of our conservations and links to several site you have given me, but no. .....more brick walls...

And I am supposed to be meeting her today....don't think I will bother....I will not discuss it with the stupid idiotic fool anymore....

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  • She also says Mum and Dad would hate to see me like this....long mum disliked me ...middle and sickly know what I mean... Yet I was the one who looked after her, after her stroke and dementia, until we all decided she had to go into a nursing home....I got the blame. sisters got away with murder.....I truly believe it is my MUM punishing me now....she HATED me... I could never do everything right in her she doted on my 2 sisters.....she should have gone to prison, she beat me up several times.....when I was a teenager...but it was my eldest sister who caused most of the trouble and staying out all night ,went to discos coming up at all hours, I hated staying out late .....I just couldn't and can't win.....even from the grave she is haunting me.....

  • I think many if not all of us on this forum has had to endure this attitude of doctor knows best although perhaps not to the extent that you have. I know that it feels like a betrayal when it comes from your own family. The only advice I can give you is that you have to make clear to your family that you will do everything you can to get well and if they cannot support you they should not work against you as this will be detrimental to your health.


  • Tish - your sister needs to realise that the days of doffing one's cap to those supposedly superior by virtue of their money/profession/money are long since gone! Respect has to be earned, it's not given automatically.

    You could always mention that I saw 3 GPs in one practice who all said that my TSH of over 7 was borderline and I was in fact depressed despite obvious hypo symptoms. Eventually I saw an NHS Endo who confirmed that I was indeed hypo. Those GPs have now received a hard-hitting formal complaint from me as for 2 years they ignored me.

    Does your sister think that we don't want a life cos we're posting on an internet Forum? Has she actually read any of the desperate posts where people have been failed time and time again by the NHS?

    Please read as much as possible on the thyroid, it will then give you confidence to deal with the NHS and not accept their dismissal of your symptoms.

  • To catch up on my story I have many posts and questions under Tish27 and Tish4, I have been struggling with my family and Several doctors for months,,, brick wall after brick wall I'm at the end of my tether... Xx

    Thankyou so much for caring xxx

  • don't struggle with you 'family' anymore WE will all be there with that sledgehammer to take on the brick walls with you .....alan

  • hi tish, you really don't know how much I personally empathise with you -- although my circumstances were different --- but a few years ago I had a situation that came very close to breaking the camels back permanently ......I suddenly realised that I wasn't going to allow myself to be shat on by anyone else without a damn good fight... I took up a role within my local residents group , took on many people and depts. in my local council on various matters for others less able ...AND WON ALL ...[as indeed I still am even though I resigned as chair 3 years ago ] I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters of which I only communicate with 1 brother , but I have a friend who I class as MY PROPER BROTHER .....I always look at ALL aspects of a problem/situation and take on ALL advice and then and only then make up MY OWN MIND as to how to resolve the problem ...... with regard to your situation I guarantee that your the only one with thyroid problems [ so far ] in your family , so how , without the knowledge of fellow sufferers can ANYONE possibly force you with their advice ? .....but I will bet you that if and when they were to have this problem they would rapidly change their advice to themselves .......keep going girl the people on this site will at the very least support you and empathise at the very least , which you so desperately need -----WE ARE ALL WITH YOU ----- remember as per the saying on the old tv prog YOU ARE NOT ALONE while we are all rooting for you as well as everyone else who may need it ----if you ever feel down have a rant ,if you need advice post it on site, if you need independent experiences ask ......and above all START TO TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE .....I will be with you all the way -- even from afar --LoL alan

  • Do you have graves tish? You sound very "gravesy" and a little hyper.

    Maybe an antibody test and a med adjustment are needed :-)

  • Yep I have Graves and very severe TED, hand my thyroid removed in Junes and been really poorly ever since, my dr won't listen to me, read papers I have printed out for him , only tested TSH and TPO, calcium, B12 ( at my insistence) then say my b12 is fine 373 in a range of 100- 900, when I have read on many sites that with no thryroid it should be over 500 preferably near top of range, he say my thyroid function is fine but how does he know when T4 and T3 and what about the frees, weren't even tested, he will only give me levo 100..I take several other meds for high blood pressure, thinning bones, acid reflux,,I have gallstone and wait for a gallbladder removal op and I have an appt for my bowels investigating sept 5th because of prolapse and severve pains around my appendix scar region.xx

  • Can you get your ophthalmologist involved? Mmine ordered his own thyroid panel and a second mri for me.

    Your eyesight should take precedence over your thyroid treatment your endo should follow your ophthalmologists requests and he can request med changes if he thinks they are required.

    Also mine were also active for over 2 years :-(

  • I got in touch with my eye specialists secretary yesterday about my appt be put back again, I last saw one of his team early July, she was so concerned about my eye said she would report this to him the following week went he was back from his leave, but nothing happened , I didn't even get my follow up appt, so rang then up and managed to get an appt for next week, only to got a letter on Saturday saying due to leave my appt would now be the end of September, so I rang them yesterday and they couldn't get me in any sooner!!!!

  • Don't waste your energy arguing with people who don't understand, but perhaps don't cut them off entirely either. They don't understand but they don't realise the situation with thyroid treatment like we do. Yes, working with your doctor is the ideal scenario; unfortunately many won't listen to the patient. They appear to be too caught up in bureaucracy and budgets at the moment, probably due to the governments 'improvements' of the NHS.

    The best way to convince them you are right is to take control of your life, get yourself better with help and support and finding a good doctor, then you can show them you took the right path and the doctors were wrong.

    It must be a very hard time for you at the moment but we will all do our best to support you. We can be here while your family are not.

    I was wondering, regarding your very high antibodies, whether low dose naltrexone would be a possibility for you. It is supposed to be very good at treating autoimmune conditions of many kinds. Perhaps this is something you could ask about. Your doctor may or may not listen but it is worth a try. It's not something I know a lot about but perhaps someone else on here may be able to provide some information. It's not suitable for everyone, but you never know.

    Keep reading and educating yourself and asking questions. Knowledge is power, as they say.

    I really hope things turn around for you soon.

    Carolyn xxx

  • I have at last hopefully got thou to my family, I spoke a length with my hubby last night and things are much better( for how long though....)

    We were meant to go on horse racing day out with my family today at Pontefract, so we all got together and had a fabulous day, my sister, after reading the emails I had sent her is becoming to see the light and my niece my brilliant she's 18 and a wonderful girl and is totally with me....

    So fingers crossed we have turned that corner, yesterday I bought some Mega B12 mix tablets in the penny sale at H&B , I got some selenium with ACE bits and some omega 3 6 9,

    So things are getting better, thankyou so much for your valued help and advice xx

  • I'm so pleased you are having a better day :)

  • Don't forget Moggies letter........

  • Nope I haven't, I've emailed it to lots of my family and friends , no point presenting it to my doctors they will just diss it, and not even take it out of my hand....x

  • Ignore her, its sad but I had the same from one of my sisters which led to me not speaking to her for a number of years. She now has an auto immune disease (Pernicious Anaemia) and she realises how difficult it can be.

  • Ignore them. I would suggest never mentioning anything even vaguely medical again.

    I am badly disabled due to forelock-tugging parents who would have allowed a Doctor to burn me at the stake if they felt it a good idea, so I was misdiagnosed and had totally unnecessary surgery as a small child which in effect has ruined my entire life....despite this situation they always retained this attitude toward Doctors!

    I have come across the same medical "God-syndrome" all of my life since, it is no less common now than it was years ago, maybe even more common and needless to say I research putting a sticking plaster on before I do it now, and it makes little difference if it is a Doctor advising me, they need to be watched *very* closely, and you should form your opinions on the basis of taking in ALL opinions, medical or otherwise.

    More importantly make sure these relatives of yours have NO next-of-kin status or power of attorney in case you ever get hospitalised and can't decided matters for yourself!

  • Hi Tish. That's not an uncommon response - many (especially those that have not been ill, but who like to console themselves to the effect that there's this happy caring safety net waiting to catch them should anything go wrong) place a lot of unconditional belief in the medical and other professions.

    The reality is that in medicine as in much of life there's the competent and caring, and the less so. Likewise (even more so?) in the case of internet postings?

    Both in my experience have been important elements in getting sorted out to the point where i am. The trick (as in life) in both scenarios is perhaps to walk between the raindrops - to put in the time and work needed to sift out what makes sense and what does not, and to make good judgements as to what may help.

    Blind faith (as many of us can attest from hard experience) doesn't without an awful lot of luck work very well in either case.....


  • Hi folks, I've had a brilliant weekend, I met up with my family at Pontefract races lo and behold , sending my family several emails from very respected thyroid sites has worked at last, soooo hopefully they are all now understanding my situation . Deep breathes....fingers and toes crossed today I rang about my eye specialist and complained about their treatment , they keep putting back my appt, now it's Sept 25th, I am supposed to be seeing him ASAP, as my last appt early July, one of his team was so concerned about my double vision she said she would get a report out to my consultant ASAP and .... Forgot... So after many phone calls........ Grrrrrrrr....I got an appt for next week... Now put back to

    End of Sep....., I'm livid.....once again.... It's a total shambles...

    So I went to pick up my 2 pair off glasses from Specsavers one pair for reading one for distance,,,, totally messed up my prisms.....grrrrrrrr

    Everyone has 2 heads and a ghost following them....he he he ,it's such fun...NOT

    So went to rejoin my local Nuffield health club... Said I had to get a letter from GP before they dare let me be a member.... So there is nothing wrong with me according to my quack Doctors but I'm too poorly to even join a health club!!!!!!

    So went to my Doctor, already had an appt for 4 pm because a stitch is hanging out of my thyroid removal scar!!!!! , so saw a gorgeous young new doctor ( looked like a young Donny Osmond, Wowwwwwe) PUT him down Tish, be a good 61 year old, he he he.

    Anyway he was lovely to me I told him all about last weeks fiasco and how things were working out....He listened ...without butting in he is going to write ,for free ,a letter to my health club...then I'll will have to be accessed by them before I can join!!!!!! And I couldn't be bothered to apply for the new PIP benefit ...WELL..if I'm not allowed to join a health club THEN I should get PIPS. What do you say my health unlocked friends ??????

  • It's so lovely to hear you feeling more positive :) Long may it continue!

    Hopefully this new doctor will be more open to learning about your conditions and helping you. Sounds like you need to make sure you see him next time.

    Take care

    Carolyn x

  • I really don't know how to tell you lovely people this but my hubby turned nasty with me again last night....because I complained about my new glasses...then I went onto a GERD website and was horrified to realise how serious that my condition was and showed him the page to read to try to make him realise that situation too, ...I wake up coughing and spluttering with acid in my mouth regularly and he went mad at me... So I jumped up and said I was going for a walk, and I had just a dress on and a very thin fleece top on, no purse or keys... I returned at 22.00 ....and he hasn't spoken to me since...

  • I have/had! a so called friend who loves to tell me [and others it seems] that I have made myself ill by taking supplements and using homeopathy. My last word to her was 'ignorant'. I do not have any contact with her now. Her loss!

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