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Changing Endo under Nhs

I was diagnosed with Graves nearly three years ago, had RAI last August and am now severely hypo. I've been seeing the same Endo but not happy with him and there is another Endo at the same clinic I go too. I want to ask to see the other Endo on my next appointment in Feb and not sure of the best way to go about it. Should I ring up before or can I just ask on the day? I know I have the right to see the Consultant rather than a Registrar but wasn't sure of the procedure.



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if I were you I'd ring the clinic and ask for the number/email address to the secreatary of the endo you wish to see.

then call her and say what you would like to do and would she/he be so kind to ask the endo in question if he/she will be available on that clinic day of your appointment and could you ask to see him/her.

I did something similar and got to see the endo of my choice.


sometimes the hospital website might have the secretary's details


Thanks - I already have the secretary's number as I ring each time to get copies of my blood tests. I'll try ringing then - just wasn't sure of the best way to do it.


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