HI everyone ! im female age 61, due to see Endo on Monday and want to make sure i ask the right questions ,any advice on what i need to ask to be checked for ? my last BT was 30TH AUGUST

TSH 0.24miu/l [0.25-4 ]

T4 20 pmol/L [12-22] Now i know it looks good but im really struggling at the moment ,off work with fatigue headaches ,brain fog and ache everywhere, etc ,Temp every morning 35 ,36 in the afternoon and evening ..Cant walk to far before i start feeling shakey and lightheaded ,im guessing i need to ask about T3? and antibodies TPOab /TGab ?ferritin,folate ,B12 ,Anything else i need to put down ,i want to go into his office well informed ,might not get another chance haha!! hope your all feeling as good as possible ,

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  • Sunny-64,

    It's worth asking the endo to check FT3, because although TSH and FT4 are good on 100mcg Levothyroxine you would need FT3 to see whether you are converting well if antibodies haven't previously been tested you could ask for TPOab and TgAb to be checked. Ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are often low in hypothyroid patients so are worth requesting. My endo wouldn't test vitamins and minerals but my GP agreed to. If neither endo nor GP will order the tests you want you can order them privately from Blue Horizon and Genova via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

  • Thanks sooo much Clutter very helpful ,least im getting payed whilst off work sick so not stressed about that ,just need to get myself fit and well for when i retire in January ,didnt work 45 years to be ill when i retire ,:((( ,will update after Endo on Monday thanks again

  • So had my Endo appointment ,Dr ok ish !! ,polite enough ,and did say he would test for IRON ,VITD , B12, FOLATE FERRITIN , ESR CORTISOL, ANAK ,AAB CRP AND IG !

    But when i said about T3 he said they didnt like to do it ,as T3 didnt do anything?? REALLY?? and as my TSH was suppressed and T4 high it wouldnt make any difference , but i pushed him a bit harder and said im Symptomatic with fatigue headaches and muscle pain etc and felt i was struggling big time, and he did relent and requested T3 but said they might not do it anyway grrrrrr!!! , going tomorrow 9am as he requested ,

    will update you guys with results ,might have to go private if T3 not done ,

    hope your all feeling as well as can be , its like pulling teeth it really is ,

    OH yes i asked about T4 maybe not converting to T3 and he said it wouldnt make any difference ?? any thoughts on that anyone ?

  • Sorry Clutter didnt realize you had messaged me ,hope alls good with you !

  • Sunny-64,

    If FT3 is low because T4 is not converting well it can make a huge difference to a patient's wellbeing.

  • Yes just what i thought ,but how do you argue that with a sooo called expert ?VERY frustrating ,just got back from giving 4 more bottles of blood ,will post results when iv got them ,thanks for your help and support :))

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