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The worst Summer for 40 years ('sun-deprived' say Solar panel installers)

Well - how are we feeling this Winter? - after a bad summer the probability is, not good for us, as we didn't have chance to top up the Vit D did we? Strange how Global warming doesn't happen in the Summer, just the Winter? Sadly the Sun's too low now to make any difference and eating well inc. oily fish will only give you 10% of your needs. Still, it's getting lighter and yay! - the world turns.

Here's just one report - they're calling it 'the extinction protocol' (sorry best I can google in 2 minutes!) Oh dear 'Chaos in the skies' - aka rain! apparently we're well known to carry umbrellas - worst ever! Ha!


Again GPs have been told by the Chief medical officers of England, Scotland etc. there's a risk to young and old of Vitamin D deficiency - so we have been informed, so there (have they actually told us?).

Meanwhile, in Thyroid world we know we need extra vitamins - I've learnt now (to start I thought vitamins? - don't be silly!) but this is the best Winter for years for me! (so far - don't want to jinx it). Another 'get your Vitamins sorted' post.

Jane :D

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So even the solar panel installers, who were probably finding work thin with the reduction of the Feed In Tariff, are in need of vitamin D? Or more sunshine. :-)

Perhaps they need thyroid tests as well?


bless 'em (and the cheesemakers) even being gov backed & free installs, it's a hard life without sunshine. (my roof faces west/east - so no deal lol!) :D


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