Just to give you all a giggle!!

I don't know - 2 days on Erfa and Nutri Adrenal and Iv'e turned into Wonderwoman! I managed to get my son's sleeping bag back into its bag - a herculean effort. Prior to that I managed to find the bag - this means at least 2 brain cells rubbed together. The sleeping bag was rather dusty as it has been on my bedroom floor since last September, so then I found the bedroom floor - therefore I recognised something familiar. Then I found a pile of summer clothes which had not been put away at the end of last summer, and realised how long I have been in this strange twilight world, as it is almost time to get them out again, so I don't have to put them away! Then I found 2 plastic bags with clothes in them that I had bought for winter, still with their tags on - I have no recall of buying them - HEY! All that on 2 days pills!!

Love to all XX

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Just think what you will be like after a week ... or a month even. Will your family be able to keep up with you :-)


You sound like a friend of mine - before NDT (she was on T3 only though) she used to have to go back to bed during the day, her house work got done if she had the energy, as did the cooking and she wasn't a very happy soul.

Since being on NDT her housework is done, as is the garden, she now has a job and is enjoying her new found energy and life in general.

May your story be as successful as hers.

Moggie x


Just proves we all WANT to feel better. No one enjoys feeling bad.

Definitely not! I was supposed to be away skiing this week, but I can barely make it to the supermarket. :-( :-(

Oh what a shame. No wonder you feel :-( hopefully you will be sorted out and fit for next year - not much consolation now but I alway think everyone has to have something good to look forward to.

I do hope so! Not doing house work though, even when I'm better :-D

Ha, ha. We have come a full circle from Sheenah's original post. Just make sure you leave your skis somewhere you will be able to find them under all the undisturbed dust then.


*whispers* I have a cleaner ;-)

We got so fed up with arguing about the housework, we decided it was a cleaner or a divorce!

Wow! I am full of admiration.

(Also whispered)I had a cleaner - she left!!!! x

Oh dear! Did you not keep it clean enough for her?

...probably because you.ve got your skis on :-) x


hi, Sheenah. I am eagerly awaiting my first order of Nature-throid, and hoping for a similar reaction! I have had a good (?) day today and made a start on getting some washing up done (two weeks worth !!!) I've just not been worth a button for ages, but had run out of cups and cutlery !!! I look forward to being able to be a little house proud again and doing my dishes daily ! Have Fun !

But do you still like the 'new' clothes? Or have you gone off them now? :-D

They will do for next year!!

Great to hear of your successful efforts! It's nice to know there is hope! I went to GP appt yesterday and then to supermarket. I got home at 4pm and put the shopping away. Went for a lie down and woke up at 4.30am still dressed in my day clothes. The cat was going mad as he didn't get his supper. I think he will be leaving home soon if service doesn't improve!

Oh sue, you poor thing! Xx

Hahahahah!!!! I had a cat once - it was the biggest tabby cat I have ever seen - it was like a leopard ..no kidding.. the neighbours were frightened of it and my kids treated it with great respect! I got it from the pianist in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. I lifted it from the Grand piano - perhaps it was deaf? I now realise it was autistic (Autism is part of my work) It had very strange toilet habits, It would stretch across the toilet and pee - I wish I had had a mobile phone with a camera on it then. And then it would find things to pee in - a plastic dish on the kitchen floor, an egg cup - (I had 4 lads) It never spilt a drop. It disappeared to a neighbour - perhaps I played TOO much Beethoven!! If you didn't feed it, it would wait until you got into bed and then sit on your chest and snarl at you. Sorry Just made me roar with laughter!!! XX

Glad it made you laugh :) Your cat sounded a real character and so talented..... X

My husband said "My God - you're laughing!! A good omen XX

So nice to hear some good news. Long may those two brain cells continue to rub together!

It gives the rest of us a little bit of hope. Well done xx

So recognisable - I spent the whole afternoon baking biscuits. The washing up and tidying away got done straight away. I have always had low energy, with things building up. Now after under a month on 12.5 mcg of T3, I calmly do chores, sleep better, am able to get out of bed better, smile/laugh more, my exercise class for the over-50s is no problem at all, even the day after an 8 mile walk. Until recently I would have been exhausted. Looks as if there is hope! ~Chuckled heartily at Sheenah's post.

Wayhay! Marvellous news xx

Isn't it? Thanks! xx

LOL. How nice for you and new clothing to boot. I imagine you feel the way you would the day a viscious bout of the flu is over. Such lovely relief.

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