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A Funny episode

Hi just wondered if this had happened to anyone else, got up tired after another restless night, took my mum and dad to hospital, dad is having a major op on Monday came home, mny daughter and grandson came round for a couple of hours, rushing around getting things done, washed my hair then sat down feeling really tired the next thing I know the ohone was ringing which woke me up, I had fallen asleep, which I try not to do during the day, I just felt a wavre of tiredness engulf me, then I went off to work, confuddles and not being able to get my words out which lasted for about an hour then I seemed ok, I have great colleagues who know all about my situation and who were really nice and my boss even said did I want to go, but I declined but its never been this bad before is it because of my PA or because my tsh level is 52.

Should I expect more of the same?

Tina x

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It's probably a combination of the two. There is nothing wrong with sleeping during the day and it might actually help you, but then everyone is different :) You clearly needed the rest this time though!


I find family are lovely to have around but do wear you out. Mum (aka Nainy) Always had a power nap after lunch, I never get chance as working (so more coffee instead!).

Great that your work colleagues understand, you really should try and get your TSH and vitamins sorted 'tho. otherwise it will be 'ground hog' day again tomorrow., and the next day, If you don't help yourself how can you help others? Jane :D.


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