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Newbie - Should I be considering supplements?

Hi. After months of feeling rubbish I finally got a diagnosis of under active thyroid yesterday and have started on 50 mcg of Levothyroxine today. My GP didn't mention any additional blood testing for vitamin deficiencies. Is this something I should be requesting? Should I be considering taking additional vitamin supplementation? Thanks.

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Hi and welcome :)

It's not a bad idea to take the B vitamins. These are water soluble so you are unlikely to become toxic taking these. Vitamin C can also help.

It would be wise to test serum iron, ferritin, B12, folate and vitamin D. These are often low or low-normal in people with hypothyroidism and low levels can exacerbate your symptoms. If your ferritin is below 70-90 it would be wise to supplement with iron and if your B12 is below 500 you definitely need to supplement, but also supplement with the other B vitamins too. Always make sure you get an iron/ferritin test before taking iron though. If it is already at the upper end of the range you don't want to be taking in more as it can cause you serious problems.

The above vitamins/minerals are believed to be important for your body to use thyroid hormones in your cells. Deficiencies can also leave you feeling pretty rubbish anyway, even without a thyroid condition.

Some people find selenium and zinc are helpful, especially as our diets tend to be low in these minerals. Many people also find magnesium helps, but you need to start this slowly as it doesn't suit everyone.

It is best to avoid iodine unless you know you have a deficiency and that your thyroid disease isn't autoimmune. It can cause problems in people with autoimmune thyroid disease. If you do feel that you would benefit from iodine, increase very slowly.

I hope that helps.

You may also find the information on the main Thyroid UK website helpful


Carolyn x


Thank you :)


Hi Alido

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:-) xx


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