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One Year On for Houst3

Hi there Houst3 here,

I am posting this on my mums blog as I can't remember my password etc

Well its almost one year since my 1st appointment with Dr S. Just wanted to bring you up to date. I am now taking Erfa and T3 with good results. I still have a few issues eg. my IBS still bothers me and makes me miserable at times. Joint pain not as bad but not free of that yet. The positives though are worth mentioning, I have much clearer thinking now, brain fog gone. I had the motivation to move out and get myself a flat on my own (which I love) it's just round the corner from my workplace so the stress from commuting has gone.

I am more sociable now due to not feeling constantly tired. Do get tired but who doesn't when working full time and looking after a home. It's even clean and tidy which is a big thorn in my mums flesh as my room was always chaos.( I blame brain fog for that, mum has different opinion) I think she wants to come in unexpectedly and find a mess, that motivates me even more. I am so glad now that mum persevered with me and got me to see Dr.S I know that I didn't make it easy for her at times as I was skeptical that I would ever feel well.

So to mums out there trying to help family or friends with this horrible condition I say don't give up, the possible results can be very rewarding.

I hope this blog gives a bit of encouragement to others to keep going, if so then it's worth taking time to write it.

Kind Regards


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I am so glad you are feeling much better. Your Mum has been a godsend and your life is looking good.

Your blog will give lots of encouragement to those that are going through the same experience as to wondering if they will ever have a life back. It is not an easy journey but if you have experienced good doctors/endos there can be lots of improvements.

Best wishes


What a brilliant blog. Im so happy for you that you are back up there. I also saw Dr Skinner and he got me started on t3 and I am doing well too. Wishing you all the best.

Jo xx


Hi Joanna,

So glad to hear your success story, it's encouraging to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Laura xx


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