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My G,P lied and boy have I suffered?

Follow up from my last post, my blood test come back that I am hyperthyroid and i went to see a stand in G,p with my abnormal results, I was told that all my smptoms were caused by 25mcg of eltroxine and it will take 3 months to leave my system, I was then ask what I wanted him to do, so I just left. However after struggling over christmas with crazy smptoms, breathing difficulties and so on, ( thank god I am still here) not to mention intermittant heart problems, I decided to contact a top of the range Endo and asked him questions, such as would thyroxatine cause me to be hyperthyroid answer no no no and asked why I wasnt on medication.

so clairebear if you r reading this, you was correct xxx I really do not trust in the G.P anymore, I am really disturbed to even think, the g.p did nothing and told me a load of crap, so back to the docs I go again.

My good g.p told me to stop taking meds because they were causing me hyperthyroid, what the heck, I dont want any more blood test, I want I N H S endo arghhhh all these test are delaying the process of me getting well. I will leave on a positive note Happy new year to everyone and thanks for all your hard work and support. xxxxx



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Hi Merissa. - sorry to hear things are still ongoing :( Has the endo written to your doctor? I'm not sure if you actually saw the endo or wrote to them? Have you had any more blood tests done? Sorry to ask more questions. Clare xx


No the Endo hasnt written to my G.P, I contacted him because I knew the G.P was wrong. The Endo I emailed was a specialist I saw privetly last year. He did tell me in his return email to repeat test results.

Its looks like more test again, I wouldnt mind but my origional G.P hasnt even contacted me. The Endo asked if I was taking iodene,I presume iodene can give abnormal results.

thanks clare for responding, I really dont trust docs now, I do feel I need a refferal to a nhs endo now instead of a nerologist.

if this dosent help, it look like cheque books out and I will find my own help arghhhh. I have started supplementing magnesium which has helped with palps.

thanks again


merissa xxx


Your GP sounds awful - could you change GP and ask for a referral to another endo (but do your research first)?

Really hope you get sorted soon. xx


just a quickie, I have recieved a letter this morning and the private endo has written to my G.P ( yey) and asked her to test again and start meds. The problem is although happy, i really do not wish to have more blood test because all my hormones are out of whack, even PTH.

Do you feel clare that it would be my rights to not have any more blood test and ask for A nhs endo? so that other test can be done.

This process will save time and money as I feel its not going to end here as I feel I have graves and hashi but could be wrong.

I also am not happy by the fact my elevated cortisol has not even been considered. xxx


Hi Merissa - yes I am sure you can refuse to have bloods done (although I think having your thyroid ones done might be a good idea just to see where things are now) and ask to be referred to an NHS endo. Does your private endo do NHS work as maybe you could see him/her on the NHS?

Sorry not really sure what to advise but I do think seeing a really good endo would be a very good idea. Hopefully you are starting to get to the bottom of things now. xx


Oh dear, Merissa,

I TOTALLY both sympathise and empathise. My G.P acted similarly to yours...and I also had those typically hyper symptoms over Christmas.

I can't offer you much in the way of advice...other than I recommend you report your G.P. They collectively need to know they cannot treat thyroid patients with such contempt.

Many blessings and well wishes,

Purr Jones x


Thanks Purr, did you make a official complaint? I do feel this kind of treament is utterly discraceful to say the least. My brother had a heart attack over christmas and ask a g.p for help as he was having chest pains, the g,p told him to phone 999, my dear bruv had to drive to his nearest hospitol whilst having a heart attack. solicitor now involved. The G.P have a duty of care, my bruv was treated with scant disregard, thank goodeness he is still alive to tell about this appauling behaviour.

good luck to you.

Merissa xx


Hey Merissa,

Not as's not even nice that we have to get involved in such negativity, while we are trying desperately to stay positive AND fight the good fight for decent meds. I'm choosing my wars but YES I shall be following proper procedures. I have already made a verbal complaint to the G.P Centre. I'm also looking for a new G.P...fingers crossed.

Truly shocking about your bro....And how great he was to get safely to hospital.

Thanks Merissa xo


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