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I've been watching the number of members increasing and at 2am as I write this blog, it stands at 6999.

Sad in one way because it means so many people are searching for help, but good they have found such a wonderful site with such fantastic support from all you good people.

There have been quite a few positive stories recently of people that have got their health back as a direct result of learning and sharing information on here. So it can be done.

Thanks to all xxx

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Yes - well put. Mary F x


Very much agree.

BTW I had not noticed your blog when I posted 7000.


No problem at all - 7000 is much nicer!


Yes, it has been extremely helpful, especially when they read of stories such as you have experienced. It gives hope.

7,000 members - amazing


That's amazing - 7,000 members. It would be interesting to know what percentage of the population at large with thyroid problems that is. It certainly is a brilliant site.


As even the notoriously conservative British Thyroid Foundation has this headline on the front page of their web site:

Thyroid disorders affect one in twenty people in the UK.

Could you be one of them?

The answer has to be "a lot"!

Using that proportion, with a UK population of 62,641,000 means some 3,132,050 with thyroid disorders. So around 0.223% of those with thyroid disorders are signed up here. There is, I feel, some way to go... :-)

Great oaks from little acorns grow.



That's even more amazing, Rod. One in twenty - do you think this means that the causes are environmental and worsening or is this due to better diagnosis?


There's not many here who would plump for better diagnosis! (I joke.)

I really do not know - and my speculation is worth no more than yours. In some ways, the most important part of the issue is why so many have some form of autoimmune disease. (And hence, often, more than one such disease.)


Hi Julietta

We actually believe that it may be much closer to 1 in 5 or even 3. I have often done a totally unscientific exploration of this!

For example, on the way to the last board meeting, Lyn and I were on a packed train and were joined by 8 women, 3 of whom had a thyroid problem! If you include Lyn into the equation that makes 4 out of 10!!




Thats amazing Louise - especially as most GPs are so ignorant of the basic facts - you could understand that with a rare disease. The drug companies have a lot to answer for!


I could not agree more, it feels like having a friend who realy "understands" when I log on to this great site.....Thank you everyone ! XX


Me too Sam. So glad I found you. 8 weeks ago I had never even heard of hypothyroidism.

It was a relief to learn that I wasn't a hypochondriac after all.

Thank you all. X


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