Thyroid UK Information Pack

I have just received the Thyroid UK information pack, it is superb, everything in one place, details concerning all thyroid related illnesses, doctors who can help, blood tests and so on. I would thoroughly recommend this as a wonderful tool to use to help you on the road to recovery, thank you Thyroid UK so much for putting this together xx

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  • Hi can I ask where you had pack from ..cheers

  • Glad you like it! ;) x

  • I was wondering if in the near future there would be an ebook that we can purchase online for those of us who do not live in the UK. The contents for the most part look really interesting and informative even if someone doesn't live there.


  • That's a great idea!

  • Sesbo

    I just got mine and feel the same wonderful stuff so helpful and again definitely recommend it

  • Yes it's great!! How did I manage without this!!! :)

  • Now I really want it!!!! :-)


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