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6997, 6998, 6999, 7000!

6997, 6998, 6999, 7000!

Welcome to the seven thousandth member here!

Seems only yesterday we reached 6000. And in what seems like no time, another thousand members.

On the theme of Seven Thousand, maybe you’d like to wander through a near-random list of books, pictures and other things:

Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What Is Sacred

Seven Thousand Miles For What

Concrete: A Seven-Thousand-Year History

XIV Olympiad opens, seven thousand pigeons are released, grand-stand, July 29,1948

Seven Thousand Years of Jewellery Pb

Reaching Beyond the Religious: Seven Universal Wisdom Themes from Seven Thousand Years of Human Experience

North African Prelude: The First Seven Thousand Years

Conquest of the land through seven thousand years

Seven Thousand Winters

Oil Painting Hand Made - George Grosz - 24 x 30 inches - Seven thousand workers in prison

Seven Thousand Words Often Mispronounced: A Complete Hand-Book of Difficulties in English Pronunciation, Including an Unusually Large Number of ... and Words and Phrases from Foreign Languages

Seven Thousand Days in Siberia

Hmm. What does that lot mean? I don’t know but couldn’t think of much relevant to post that was not a repeat of previous similar occasions!


Picture is - Taiwan: Seven Thousand Practitioners Perform the Exercises Together to Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day and Raise Awareness. It does at least illustrate what 7000 people look like.

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I knew you'd get there first! lol!

Far more interesting post than anything I could have managed anyway! lol! :-)




Concrete: A seven thousand year history. Now that sounds like quite a read ;)

7000 members is really quite something!


The current first Amazon review is amusing:

I was reading this text while camping. After seeing that claim, I left this book outside for two days hoping that some wild animal would just drag it off and destroy it. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The sad part is that people will read this book, assume that it was written by a legitimate historian (which he is not) and take it as fact.

So, not worth reading even if it is your favourite subject. :-(



Did you gargle or google this morning?

Actually Rod, that's quite interesting, looks like the lovely Milau bridge and we wondered why there was concrete in Dad's field (a Roman Swimming Baths).

Welcome all, you may find some serious help here too! Jane :D

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That's a great review :D


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