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Help with what these blood test results mean

I have a friend who has a large number of typical hypo symptoms – the only odd one is he is losing weight. According to his GP his results are normal and all his symptoms are because he's getting older! He’s only 63. He's seeing an Endo privately but wondered what you made of these blood results:

TSH 0.59 mu/L

T3 5.1 pmo/L

T4 14 pmo/L

As we're in the same location and would use the same labs I'm assuming the ref ranges are the same as mine

Tsh - 0.38 to 4.70

T3 - 2.7 to 6.6

T4 - 10 to 23



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I don't blame any doctor for saying those results are normal. There's really nothing about them that can definitely point at the thyroid causing the symptoms. The trouble is that symptoms of thyroid issues are so very similar to symptoms of lots of other illnesses. Losing weight might for example, suggest that coeliac disease and/or pernicious anaemia could be investigated.


Hi Do make sure you have all the ranges as these vary from lab to Lab but as Red Apple says they do look normal. Regarding weight. if it is thyroid my endo ( very good) says that although unusual, it is possible to be underweight and hypo.

I have lost 2 stone and am very underweight, to my consultants annoyance! I am hypo but it definitely is not that. It is important to rule out cancer and then look at more obtuse reasons. lack of absorption , pancreas enzymes (,cancer there very obvious.) Gall bladder problems , can cause jaundice but certainly causes bad pain are the other most obvious causes of weight loss. it is actually not a symptom of old age unless he has reduced his food intake in fact, the reverse is true! it is easy to eat less with out realising. if he looses weight after a thorough diet check it does need proper investigation.



Just a thopught here - do you all realise that if you are taking Vit D+Calcium as well as Thyroxine you should leave 4 hours before taking the VitD as if you don't it will prevent the Thyroxine from being absorbed, hence non-effective..


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