Have any one read the Tribute to DR Skinner on the World Thyroid Register by Afshan what a wonderful Tribute to a wonderful Dr. I have

read it with tears running down my face. Please read it if you have not already done so. GMC DR GP they would never ever come up to this man he was the best and the most sympathetic but most of all he knew what he was talking about. I for one will never forget him for what he as done for me and thousands of other Thyroid patients. Where do we go now to get the help and medication a lot of us need. R.I.P. DR Skinner.


[Edited to add a direct link to the Tribute.]

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  • Thanks, indeed, for posting this.

    It really should be published in appropriate journals, maybe start with the GMC, followed by the BTA, BTF, RCoP.

  • Excellent

  • your epitaph says everything .. from HIS patients .... only desolate that I didn't actually meet with him .....but the replies on this site alone prove that he lived by what he stated and proved that SOME doctors know the meaning of the word 'CARE' in the 'CARING PROFFESSION ' .....I hope his family realise what a true person he was .....alan xx

  • Dr Skinner's family have always been so appreciative of all the support he had from his very grateful patients.

  • so glad to hear this ....it may give them some comfort in their thoughts at this time .....alan xx

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