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I have felt rubbish since giving birth 13 years ago,before this i would have described myself as hyperactive ,now i am the complete opposite.Hormone changes were at work when i landed pregnant at 38 yrs old and i have always hoped that when hormones settled down my thyroid would sort itself out,i take 150mcg Levo and also take HRT now as symptoms are similar but not making any difference except stopped the night sweats.Is there any one else feel that the menopause has a bearing on this.

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There is quite a lot of information available if you search on google to indicate that autoimmune diseases including hypothyroidism are a CAUSE of early menopause or ovarian failure. Here is one link:

As usual doctors are so busy treating symptoms and not considering the cause of the symptoms that they insist on ignoring what we all know - a malfunctioning thyroid can impact every cell in the body. That is why we suffer so many disorders. All the while the medical profession insists they are unrelated to thyroid and we get sent to different specialists who never share their experiences, no one will tie up all the evidence and treat thyroid conditions with the seriousness it deserves.

I think it would be quite interesting to conduct a survey to see how many women with thyroid conditions have suffered early menopause - of course there would be a number of variables depending which thyroid disorder, on the age when thyroid condition started and how well (or badly) it was treated.

I believe I had hyperthyroidism from childhood which slowly progressed over many years until It became more noticeable after the birth of my children - but still a missed diagnosis until thyroid storm nearly killed me in my early thirties. After RAI treatment and subsequent badly managed hypothyroidism doctor blamed all symptoms on the start of early menopause when just 40.

Hi graeme I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago after an over 40's health check. I had been feeling rubbish for quite some time but put it down to the new job (teaching and the long hours I worked). Within a year of being diagnosed and treated with levothyroxine my periods became heavier and more frequent. I ended up in the hospital and given medication to stop them. I was only 42. I was told I was going through the early menopause. When I asked my doctor at a later date if this could have had something to do with my thyroid he replied yes.

I am also on HRT (estrogen) but am trying to slowly come of this as I have read that estrogen suppresses the thyroid. So far so good down to 1 2mg tablet every 3 days. Feeling quite well at the moment as I have changed my diet. I am trying to cut out processed food, polyunsaturated fats and cereals and also supplementing with pregnenolone and progesterone.

I agree with editfmrt that a survey should be conducted.

I hope you feel better soon.


estradiol does not suppress the thyroid. I'm hyperthyroid and using HRT and haven't observed any suppression. Estradiol is demonised.


I was in similar situation to you. Had my daughter 14 years ago at aged 40. Felt tired for years after but put this down to having a baby.

At 45 I was told that I was going through the menopause. I now know that in fact it was probably my thyroid. I wasnt given HRT because of breast cancer in the family. But my many symptoms went once I started taking levo and my TSH was under 1. I suggest you post your blood test results and then you may get some further advice.

I too believe that my last pregnancy at the age of 35 contributed to my thyroid packing up. My periods became so heavy that I could not physically leave the house for the first two days and when I asked the doctor about it, he just shrugged his shoulders told me it was a 'natural' part of being female which I'd have to put up with and basically told me to go away... So I was quite thankful when the menopause came along at the age of 50! Luckily, that actually came and went without any of the horrors that affect so many, but it coincided with the thyroid packing up altogether AND my decision to finally kick the weed! Result... I'm now carrying an extra three stones in weight that I can't shift!!! :-(

If only the medical profession could make it their goal to learn as much about the thyroid as they do about diabetes, cancer, coronary care etc. etc. etc!!!!! Could save us so much hassle!!!

Hi all I had my last pregnancy aged 40 just 3 years ago. Since then I have been diagnosed hyper and currently on carbimazole. I was told it was probably Graves but as Hashis is in my family I would not be surprised to be hypo eventually even without surgery or RAI.

I have had terrible periods for last 2 years and have been for a scan and told to have swabs before being sent to gyno dept at the local hospital. Trouble is they want to take swabs when I am not bleeding and that is just not happening. The pain is horrendous too. My endo thought I could be going through early menopause but blood tests suggest not. My sister who has Hashis went through the same at the same age and had an hysterectomy. I dont want that at this point. My mum also Hashi had a normal menopause with no problems in her mid 50s.

Interesting ideas though.

Jacks -I dont agree oestrodiol has been demonised as you call it- as this is the type of oestrogen that mainly increases cell proliferation . oestriol is the other form of oestrogen that the body produces and is one that can be excreted , having a weaker stimulatory action on cell growth

all steroidal hormones - which oestrogen is one kind -depress thyroid function mainly by increasing thyroxine binding globulin and therefore making it less available to the body


Hi Graeme,

I'm sorry that you're having a horrible time. I too had a baby at 38 which was when my hashimotos flared badly and I also became hypothyroid. 3 years ago I had a hysterectomy and both ovaries removed and thank god because it was the best thing I ever did. Since then I have been on HRT - oestrogen and testosterone. I found levothyroxine difficult to deal with and so my endo put me on ERFA thyroid. I have had the best success with this. When he tests my thyroid hormone levels he also always checks my oestrogen and testosterone levels too. I probably take slightly more ERFA than necessary because of my HRT but the good news is ..... It's working. So there is hope. I was in a very bad place and terribly poorly for a very long time and I fully believed that I would never be well again. I am not 100% but I am pretty damn close and I am functioning and managing to live, work, look after children etc. so please hang in there and maybe think about seeing a new endo who will help you through menopause as well. I am 100% sure that my dreadful gynae history was to do with being hypothyroid for so many years without receiving treatment. I am sending you much love and crossing fingers that 2013 will bring you some relief from all this.

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Hi - would you possibly tell me the name of your endo and where he is based? Is he private or was it a referral through your GP? I have been to see a private endo in Oxford and he’s not been very helpful. I am taking Levothyroxine and oral HRT and have started symptoms of Phantosmia which are v unnerving.

Thank you very much to all of you who replied to me it has helped me a lot as i thought it was only me that felt like this.It has made realise that hoping all my hormones would fall back into kilter when the change had passed is very unlikely to happen.Whilst feeling like this i have went from being a size 12( until i was 30 i was 8st4 all my life then went to 9st 2) to every size up to and including size 26.The thyroid was all over the place but i was told i was eating to much or when the weight came off that i was eating less but not realising it!!!i I stopped smoking (10 points to you zephybear for managing as well) nearly 2 yrs ago as smoking up to 40 a day was putting me in a vicious circle,i had managed to lose a stone but still over 16st and that makes me feel awful.some infection going on but my gp can't find what it is but says he will not stop until we get to the bottom of it.Also on anti deppressants which i know i needed but think they are making me more tired.


I too feel I am in a pickle with all my meds. Last child born in 1999,(aged 37), diagnosed hyperthyroid in 2005 (50mcg levothyroxine) no doctor has ever changed my dosage. Started HRT in August 2012 to combat night sweats, insomnia and anxiety. Started AD in October . HRT has interfered with my TSH levels showing my TSH levels to be much lower than before . Basically I don't want to be on all this medication but don't know where to start .... Still suffering with anxiety.... Biggest problem. X

Hi Aseamark,,Is the anxiety the same as before you started AD if so maybe different pills might be the answer .i was really bad with mood swings ( nobody could do anything right)and the AD worked well.but for some reason my gp upped the dose to two per day and i think this has made me more tired than ever so decided last week to come down to one a day. I am registered with mediguard and when i updated my meds it flashed up that the AD could interfere with thyroid function so stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea at the moment there.I would advice you to go back to gp about anxiety as the AD should have kicked in by now.xx

Hi everyone, I am in the worst place again, I don't know wether I am coming or going.

Acrophobia, panic anxiety, sobbing one day not to bad the next, my nerves are shot, I am so low and run down.

Woke again this morning slapped on oeastrogel 1 hour later wham all the above symptoms, don't know if it's the menopause or the thyroid or am I having a breakdown.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with what my gp said was hashimotos, now my new gp calls it hypothyroidisum are they the same.

I don't want to start on ADS but think I may have to give in, they just mask whatever it is causing all these problems.

I found a lump in my throat about 6 months ago kept going to see gp can't find anything she said, I had no voice and was finding it hard to swallow, the next gp can't feel anything, after the 3rd gp found it and a goitre I was so relieved, thought I was becoming hypocondriac, that's the way my gp came across anyway.

I am so pleased something has been found, having it checked tomorow at hospital.

Burning up again but hands freezing cold, and hairy chin and top lip, been spotting since on oeastrogel, feel so so bad.

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