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Auto Immune Hypothyroidism and Food Intolerences and Allergies

Hi, just joined. I wanted to say I was diagnosed 3 years ago and unfortunately foe some bizarre reason developed foor intolerences and delayed allergy responses to foods that I ahd been ok with previously. It took 12 months to realise this during which time I was very poorly and not improving at all. So if anyone is feeling very tired, rashes, aches, pains and more following diagnosis, try and see if you have developed intolerences etc, changed my life completely once I new what I was dealing with and though my life has changed, it has improved so much to when I was very poorly. Since I found the problems and dealt with them I got back to my running and have completed 5 Half Marathons. So dont give up. I am on 40mcg of T3 Liothyronine as I could not tolerate the T4.

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How are intolerance tests carried out? I am very itchy now and again.


I was feeling very poorly too all I did was sleep I was itching all over joint pain muscle weakness stomach probs Dr's just fobbed it off as a Fibro flare (diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a month before autoimmune thyroid 18 months ago) I was seeing a dietician as no matter what I did or ate wasn't losing weight she was lovely sat and listened to all my symptoms unlike Dr she said we'll take a few steps back and asked Dr to run some bloods...well I had B12 deficiency then more test revealed I had antibodies for coeliac disease had a biopsy to confirm...feel a lot better being gluten free but its early days and still waiting on more allergy tests....amazing how food can make you feel so poorly...I've even started losing weight too bonus...


How strange. Despite having no food sensitivities before, I developed an allergy to crustacea shortly after being diagnosed. Luckily it's easy enough to avoid.


Really helpful information. Thanks! I have ME and have been improving since cutting out all dairy and gluten - but it would be good to check whether I have intolerances to these - or anything else!



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