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Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and here's to a happy, healthy and fun New Year!

Pretty much working on, finally, getting this demon fixed. Its going well and I feel more hopeful than in a long while... just lying low and avoiding (as much as my life ever permits) stress as much as is possible.

Very best wishes to everyone on this lovely site ;-) xox

Linda C

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Good to hear your positive news LInda. All good wishes of this festive season to you too, and let's hope we have more good news stories to share in 2013.

Jane x


Thank you Jane - been a long, rocky ride but it looks like its going well now!

Really appreciate your kind words and I'm looking forward to hearing from you and everyone in 2013!

Linda xx


Back at ya Linda! :-)




Thanks Louise, been lying low to try to get things right at last!

Will get back to you in mid-New Year re the smoking book review.

Very best to you and yours ;-)

Linda xox


Merry Christmas & best wishes for the New Year too!

Really glad you're feeling better!

Trying to avoid all stressors too - roll on the New Year!, & 2 weeks off work - yay! J :D


Thank you spareribs... even the T4 in Armour (which I'd thought for 2 1/2 years was 'saving me') was doing me in - T3 alone now! Will chart progress on here in New Year.

Yes, stressors... funny thing happened on the way to the hypothyroid...: for my first Adrenal Stress Test ever, I did the first one, put the 'spit' in the freezer, opened my email (to horrible family news) and had to abandon the rest of the stress test due to stress, lol ;-) Will do it mid-New Year.

Yes, you too - have a wonderful time and a great x2 weeks away from work!

Take care, be well and very best wishes to you and yours xox


So sorry to hear you've got bad news, everything seems to happen at this time of year :( hugs Jane x


Ah Jane, thanks - its fine - T3 alone is the very best thing I've done (feel exactly as I used to in only one month , mood dips gone, temps UP, head clearing): the change is remarkable.

Guess everything does happen at this time of year BUT, apart from abandoning the stress test, I feel able to cope way more (treating adrenals again too) + bad gut now gone... ahhhhhhhhhh relief ;-)

Hugs too Jane, Linda x


Thanks for wishes LindaC and I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and good Health for 2013.

Regards wakeham.


Hi wakeham - same to you too! Best wishes people and see you all next year! Linda xox s

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And the same to everyone. Have a great and peaceful Christmas and all possible health and happiness for 2013.


I'll be signing off soon... thank you julietta and best wishes to everyone, everywhere... love and best wishes to all xox


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