Happy Christmas everyone I'm new here a bit concerned

For the past 18 months to 2 years I had been going to the GP with feeling totally unwell dizzy, coughing like something got stuck in my throat etc. Well I had vertigo attacks every day so they have done a blood test came back low so GP said it's hyperthyroidism and referred me to the hospital that was September now I have had another blood test which has come back higher. Still waiting for the hospital and still gaining weight. I'm tired most the time and heart feels like it is beating out of me. Blood pressure is 139/110.

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  • Welcome to the forum, Anita196912.

    Can you post your thyroid results with the ranges which are the figures in brackets after results?

  • My GP has given me a print out of the results I will ask for a print out

  • Hi Anita

    Merry Christmas .. I would phone appts at the hospital you are going to attend to ask where you are in the list/ how long is the usual time to wait. Maybe you could go back to the GP who referred you and say you are still waiting and ask him to check your blood pressure when you are there. Hope you get your treatment soon. Take care Jane xx

  • Thank you Jane I had another blood test this morning nurse went on about hypothyrod5 she thinks it's weird how they are doing blood tests up to the hospital appointment. I will be phoning them next week have a good new year Take care Anita x

  • Hi Anita

    If you put your results people will give you advice. I think it's good they are doing regular blood test meanwhile. Tcare xx

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