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Would you mind checking my adrenal results please

My adrenal stress profile

sample 1 7.8 L Range (12-22)

2 4.0 L (5.0-9.0)

3 3.8 (3.0-7.0)

4 0.5 (1.0-3.0)

Total Daily Cortisol 16.1 L Range (21-41)

My renal potassium and salt were tested and fine the gp did a cortisol blood test and was fine. Someone on a Facebook page said I should rule out addisons and its worried me, is it really that bad. Gp and endo think it highly unlikely

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It looks like it may be adrenal fatigue. There is a test you can have to determine if it's Addison's called the Synthacthen test. If this is negative then it is most likely adrenal fatigue. It wouldn't hurt to start looking into adrenal fatigue/insufficiency and finding out what you need to do to start recovering. These are mainly self-help measures such as avoiding stimulants/depressants, eating healthily, getting gentle exercise but also plenty of rest, removing as much stress from your life as possible, resting in a horizontal position whenever you feel tired, never use caffeine to try and keep you going and don't try to push through the tiredness - sleep/rest instead. Vitamin C, and making sure you are getting enough of the other vitamins and minerals, can also help. I hope that helps a little.

Carolyn x


Yes it does thanks. I turned down the ACTH test this week as I just can't face it silly I know and the only reason the endo offered it me is because I said I had low cortisol which they laughed at and said ok we will do the ACTH test. Thanks for advice. X


Don't worry too much about it if you are not sure. Looking into treating yourself for adrenal fatigue may well help. It helped me a lot. As a result, I was able to switch to NDT and increase my dose regularly with no problems at all so it is worth doing. You may also want to look into taking Nutri Adrenal or Nutri Adrenal Extra to help support your adrenal recovery, but do some research into it first. I took it and it did seem to help, along with the resting (I got through all 10 seasons of Friends and various other DVDs :D ) and vitamin C and B12. I do believe rest is a huge part of it. I found sleeping better also helped. Taking magnesium at night for a while helped with the insomnia and once I started sleeping better it seemed to help me keep sleeping better.

Wishing you all the best

Carolyn x


Search CT3M to get a view of a possible road to functional adrenals.

The adrenal glands need T3 to get going in the morning and following the CT3M routine may just fix the problem.



Previous to me posting on here I put my results on Facebook on one of the thyroid pages. This is one of the comments, talk about panicking me. Does anyone else think its that low? It's made me feel quite cross that someone's scared me like this. Here's the comment

your labs are terribly low. The "should be" numbers I listed are the numbers where optimal adrenal function would put cortisol results, according to STTM patient experience.

Also, to highlight how low you are: these are normal:

Yours are similar to Stage 7 - but below range at the end of the day;


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