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Hypothyroid + Glaucoma


My Endo has prescribed Eltroxin - as opposed to Levo and I have been taking it for approximately 6 months. I also have Gloaucoma and had a check up in September where the Consultant was concerned at how much the pressure had risen and the condition worsened. I had another appointment yesterday and have been prescribed a further drug and given an appointment for 6 weeks time. Things such as 'we can cope with only 1 eye you know' didn't help me much ...however the guy then asked if I have high blood pressure. I don't, but have checked Eltroxin and am concerend that it may be this drug which is impacting on the Glaucoma (Internet says it can cause high blood pressure) Anyone know anything about this? Am I on the right track or clutching at straws? Any help would be appreciated. I'll happily return to Levo if need be, but would like some confirmation before trying to get a GP appointment. Thanks

Liz x

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Not meaning to duck out entirely, but issues surrounding glaucoma have been discussed here in some good threads with many good links. I suggest that you type glaucoma into the search box (near the top right) and have a read.

Inappropriate thyroid hormone levels can cause high blood pressure. But that includes not taking it when needed.

Wonder why you were given Eltroxin? It is simply Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine with the word Eltroxin on the box. Have a look here:

Click on the purple bar that says UK Synthetic Levothyroxine Tablets.



Maybe to keep me quiet?? Hah!

Thank you for the links, so it's not the drug but the disease, hmmm. Will try to get my head around this, feels pretty awful at the moment though. Thanks again Rod



Dont know about the Eltroxin link but here's a link which states that Glaucoma is linked to hypothyroid.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie, much appreicated



I too have glaucoma and am hypothyroid!! It seems its a common symptom!!


hi sorry for late reply, here is what i would do :

1- take Vitamin B12 , Leutin , Bilberry and coleus forskohlii and Omega 3 with high DHA and EPA more then 250

these vitamins brought down my eye pressure significantly and this is very well know protocol.

2 - talk to a decent ophthalmologist who has experience in Tribactome or Canaloplasty, as this permenantly

fixes your eye from glaucoma.

hope this information helps , i performed a lot of research on this topic as i was concerned with high pressure which have now dramatically reduced.


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