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how do you take your armour


I had been taking my armour in the morning, last night after a terrible day I decided too take my armour when I went too bed, today I feel brilliant, can this be the answer?, or will I be burnt out by lunchtime, I am trying too increase my armour too 4 grains after an interesting first appointment with Dr S this week, I know some people spread it throughout the day, is there any advice from more experienced or successful takers , many thanks k x

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no advice necessary, which means: you have to find out what works for you.

try taking it at night and see what happens.

I used to take my T3 at night and it worked ok for a month then it gradually started increasing my cortisol and giving me blood sugar imbalances and heart pounding, now I take it all in the morning and it's ok.

some people will always get on with meds at night some won't some will need to take it in the morning some spreading it throughout the day.

happy journey

many thanks for the reply, I never thought of taking it at night but I just can't wake up in the mornings like a coma until lunchtime, today I got done by 8 oclock what normally takes me until lunchtime, just hope this is the new improved me on 4 grains, k x

I take 2.75 grains of Armour and split it as follows: 1 grain at 5am, 1 grain at 11am, and 3/4 of a grain at 5pm - this seems to work OK for me, but as NBD says it is a case of trial and error for each person :) x

many thanks I think my main problem is I am undertreated I went from 1 3/4 to 3 with no improvement in how I was feeling but it did just bring my tests into normal, Dr S thinks I should increase see how I feel only saw him on Monday and feeling so much better, hope this is a sign of at last getting back too feeling human many thanks k x

Fingers crossed - sounds like this could be it :) xx

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