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Urgent: can anyone recommend an Endo in Tyne and Wear?

I've got my first endo appointment to confirm despite being ill for 15 years. I've only got better since self treating for two years. I have to choose from the Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Victoria Infirmary or Bensham Hospital. Anyone know of any endos connected to these hospitals? I've searched for good and especially avoid data but to no avail. Any info would be useful. Thanks

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My daughter was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 1996 and has been under the care of the RVI, Newcastle. They have been brilliant and have helped us enormously. This is Paediatric care, but I would presume that it would be as good in adult services.


hi ive heard on here that there is supposed to be a fab endo at sunderland hospital xx


Dr Chapman at Sunderland Royal is amazing. he's kept me in relative health for 12 years now. I have other health problems, so he can't treat all of them.


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