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Muscle and joint pain associated with thyroid


Hi all

I'm interested in you experiences. Since becoming hypo I've never really suffered with this aspect of the disease but for the last couple of weeks I've become more and more achy and now am in quite a bit of pain and I'm trying to work out if it is indeed thyroid related.

Basically, over the last couple of weeks, I've noticed lower back pain and hip pain. I'm not aware of having done anything to cause it. Yesterday it was very bad with pain radiating down the muscles in the front of my thighs. It disappeared last evening and I was relieved that it wasn't there this morning, however when I got up the backs of my calves felt very knotted and tight. Now the calves are fine but the pain is back in my back. I also feel very stiff all over, shoulders achy and odd twinges in my knees, elbows etc.

I have a blood test this coming Wednesday as I do generally feel symptomatic again, tired, digestive issues, foggy brain etc. I've asked for an iron panel as well to include ferritin.

Does this sound like the sort of pain you get when hypo?

I should just mention that I haven't changed over to Teva yet still on Mercury Levo thankfully, otherwise I would surely be blaming it on Teva! I take 125 mcgs/100 mcgs alternative days.


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Yes, joint/muscle pain is common in hypothyroidism - it is clinical symptom. You most likely need an increase in your dose.

foreversummer in reply to shaws

Shaws, thank you I think this is very likely, just that I've never suffered aches and pains like it in the four and a half years since I've been diagnosed.

What are your VitD levels ?

foreversummer in reply to Marz

Hi Marz. I haven't been tested since 2014 when it was around 80, but obviously a lot can change in a couple of years. I'll consider retesting. Thank you.

Marz in reply to foreversummer

Best to keep on a maintenance dose even when optimal. Levels can quickly drop I have read.

foreversummer in reply to Marz

Yes, I was supplementing with a Better 4 You 3000 spray previous to the test. I guess I should have dropped down to 1000 and kept at it.

Anything and everything can be thyroid related. But, your aches and pains could also be due to low nutrients.

It's not just your iron you need testing, also vit D, vit B12 and folate. And, sounds to me like your zinc and magnesium could be low - they are in most hypos. No point in testing the magnesium, however, because it will always be in range. But, that doesn't mean you're not deficient!

Hi greygoose. Thank you for replying. I expect she will do B12 and folate. She did say to me not to be alarmed if it seems they are taking a lot of blood as she is going to test for everything. But I know that won't include T3 or Vit D and probably not zinc. I will see what my results look like when I get them back and then consider private testing if necessary.

I've been reading up about magnesium and this sounds very interesting.

No, l don't suppose they will do zinc. You have to ask for that specifically. On the other hand, with zinc, you don't really need to test, just try taking some, seeif it helps.

Wow that's strange I too have been getting a lot of muscle aches all over after exercise. I go horse riding most Sundays and the last few weeks I've ached all over and take two to three days before I feel any better.

My last blood tests were in range for Thyroid so I have asked at my next one to have Folate, Ferritin and Vit D tested.

I'll keep an on on this one see if anyone else has any thoughts.

I find that my aches and pains are worse this time of year... I have Epsom salts baths and I find that helps.

Thank you for this. I always seem to feel better in the summer months than I do in the winter, although aches and pains are a new thing for me. I will give it a go.

Magnesium flakes are also available. Use them in the bath before bed and they can help with sleep (allegedly :)).

Yes I had awful pain mostly my back neck shoulders but that was on Levo it went away on NDT though.

I only started on Levo after the removal of my Thyroid. It was only 5 months before I gained 12lbs in weight and had very bad aches and pains I couldn't even get down on the floor and up again. An old back and knee injury from years before stated up again, weird!

I knew that this was wrong and with the help of others on this site became me again. For 6 months now I have been on NDT my weight has returned to normal and I am walking and doing my Yoga most mornings. By the way I am 70 years old. Hope this helps.

That's very encouraging news, well done you. It gets a little scary when things start to go wrong again. I've been pretty good this year but it never seems to last with me. Then with a new symptom as well. I've always been quite active so this one I really need to get sorted.

I know NDT helps so many people. I've always hoped that Levo will do the trick for me and I've been neglecting my vits and minerals admittedly, so I will try to get these optimal.

But never say never. Thank goodness we have this site.

I managed to turn up for work this morning at 8 am when I wasn't due till 3 pm this afternoon. I had to turn round and drive home again. I'm so terribly brain fogged and forgetful. Did you have this problem and has NDT made it better for you if you don't mind me asking.

Yes, actually I did get brain fog quite badly some days I was always cold as well when I was on 100mg Levo. Now I only take Vit D, fish oil, and Glucosamine plus 2 NDT everyday. I have always looked after my health although I am not fanatical I just wanted to feel like me again. Good Luck.


Intermittent claudication is another symptom on brisk walking which is not often highlighted as another symptom. Twenty five years on meds and I still have this.

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