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In range but really suffering but what should I do

I've always had so many symptoms of underactivr thyroid such as mental problems bad periods, sometimes feeling like I'm pregnant but not, cold, milk discharge from breasts the list is endless I could go on. Ive only been to docs about depression anxiety and stress so have been on antidepressants and had counselling. These work for a time and then back to square 1. Went to doctors last time and said I'm still feeling wrong up top and really tired. She suggested it may be my thyroid. I didn't have a clue what it was.

I had a blood test and it came up I was low but still within range. I told the doctor I was feeling terrible and he suggested I take vitamins. Have been doing so but he didn't tell me what ones I should take or anything so have no idea if doing the right thing. Also I need to go back in 3 months for another blood test.

All I know is I can't stop feeling jealous and feel the sense of doom and can't stop itching till I nearly bleed and having problems breathing and have put on a stone in 1 month, memory loss (yesterday wrnt to chemist to pick up prescription and forgot which chemist it was!!!)plus all the other stuff.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can cope please until finally I can get proper treatment if that ever happens. Really appreciate it, thank you

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What do you mean low but within range? What was? Was it the TSH, or the t4?

Problem is that as the T4 drops the TSH increases in an effort to get the thyroid to produce more hormones. In most countries when the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone rises to more than 2.5 or 3 you would be treated. But in the uk we have silly dangerous reference ranges.

Can you post the results of your tests, (with reference ranges) so that it is possible to work out what is wrong.

The sense of doom could be adrenals releasing more adrenalin to help you cope.

Vitamin C, lots and lots of it and B vits need to be good.



Hi Nel

Finally got results. Really do appreciate this by the way.

My tsh level is 4.04 with a range of 0.3 - 3.94

My serum free is 14.5 and the range is 12.3 - 20.2

many thanks

Emma x

<b>Updated on Jan 4 2011 9:04PM:</b> I meant serum free t4

Thank you


hello Emma,

Ask your doc for the actual resutls with the reference ranges. Low normal doesn't mean that you are necessarily ok. Ask for TSH, FT4 & FT3 ( this one probably not done). Did GP test you for antibodies if not ask for them to be done & also your iron, ferritin levels can be affect which he can test for. I found the best way was to gen myself up as much as possible on underactive thyroid -Dr Peatfield wrote a great book called Your Thyroid. Vitamin wise I was advised to take a good multi vitamin (to include the B vits), selenium, extra vitamin C.


Hia, can really sympathise with the memory loss.

I'm now writing everything I need to remember down and have a timer which I put on if I'm cooking. I'm also trying to always put things in the same place each time as keep losing things as I forget where I put them and spend ages hunting.

Sometimes I can laugh about it and sometimes it's very embarrassing or frustrating.

Hope you soon get the right support to help you.



Thanks for your help. I have been using a cheaper multi vitamin so maybe a better quality one would be best. I didn't ask for a print out of results at the time but with some White lies managed to get the receptionist to print them. Laughably forgot to pick them up. This was a thyroid, liver, kidney test so only one result I think and it was 12 with a range of 10 - 25.

My next test is b vitamins and iron. I'm not sure why they aren't testing the other thyroid related test but still.

It was really embarrassing the other day people were around...I couldn't work out how to use the Hoover!!! I'm only 29. I hope you feel better soon

Emma xx


You are under medicated!!!!

Your TSH should be under 1 and your Free T4 should be at the top or even just above the range.

Your symptoms are not surprising, I would not be able to get out of bet with your blood test results!

See a different doctor if you can


I went to the doctors Saturday and they said your normal most people have that result. I should stop hoping that's the problem.

I'm not being funny but I've been experiencing these problems for over 15 years and it gets worse and worse. I have a part time job in a pub I'm exhausted for the rest of rhe day after and next morning. it affect relationships it affects work. I really don't want to have nothing before I get treated. Anyway enough of moaning gets me no where. I am now looking forward to about 10 blood samples. Woop woop!! Lol

Great news on your treatment

Em xx


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