What is this that I am suffering with?

I am Coeliac and have Hashimoto's. On a strict GF diet for many years. Since going on to T3 I feel the thyroid is happier although I often feel unwell. (Rheumi says I prob got another AID) However since returning from a weekend away which was very tiring , I came down with diorreah (can't spell it) for 2 days, huge bloated stomach headaches and feeling my whole body is on fire. I don't know what to eat as my stomach is so painful and sore

I've been virtually in bed all week now and wondering what this is.

Does anyone recognize the symptoms please?

I'm worried I MAY have accidentally had gluten at the weekend and this is the reaction. before being diagnosed with Coeliacs I didn't get problems with my digestion strangely enough. So I can't compare it with that. Or is it a bug going around???

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  • I've been exactly the same though not diarrhoea. I've been unable to plan my diet last week so thought it my food problems coming back as the pain was similar. My temperature has shot up though so feel its a bug and I've slept such a lot as well. hope you soon feel better.

  • Thank you silver fox. Maybe a bug then. Hope you feel lots better soon too.

  • Thanks!

  • I am gluten free and I had something similar in the summer - it started with a tummy bug (I think) and then I seemed to have a low level gastritis - nausea, erratic bowels etc. After trying different things I tried the paleo diet and that seemed to help a lot in about 4 or 5 days. After 2 months I can now eat a little rice but feel unwell if too much or too frequent.

    hope yours settles soon and you find a way through x

  • Thankyou for that helenbones. I thought about the palio diet. Did you do the autoimmune version?

  • I'm not sure - just a basic version I think (I'd be interested in the autoimmune version). I was gluten free anyway so it was basically cutting out all grains and potatoes. I used sweet potatoes and you can use cauliflower mixed in too which is quite nice. I tend not to drink tea or coffee so it was mainly mint tea which I found soothing, particularly like the Pukka teas three mint one , I find the twinings one a bit nauseating.

    It's worth a go. good luck x

  • Thank you helenbones. The a

    AIP palio is quite restricting, but when you're desperate!!!!

  • I think that you maybe need to go the doctor

  • Thank you Stourie. if it continues for another week I will. Not easy getting an appointment though.

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