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Gut health and links to autoimmune issues

Great article about medical research on microbial/bacterial ecosystem of our bodies acting as an extra organ and it's implications for many illnesses that modern medicine is failing to recognise or treat successfully. Very much rings true with thoughts I've been having about underlying autoimmune triggers and why my thyroid is 'under attack' !

Hope you might find it interesting anyway...

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We have had some very interesting blogs on the importance of Gut Health over the last year or so, like many I have followed a regime to improve my gut health and have felt better for it.


I agree the body is an ecosystem, even plants won't grow without friendly bacteria (symbiotic if my memory serves me right). Also viruses don't actually want to kill us hosts as they would die too. There seems to be more trouble when the friendlies aren't there to help.

Still spooked a bit knowing an original pro-biotic strain was taken from healthy human poo! (bifidus?). & even a little bit of E-coli has a part to play (Vit K?).

Is there a little truth in the the saying 'you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die'?

Oh and looking up how much a peck was got me to this link (8 quarts/cups).

Jane :D


My granny (1883-1977) always maintained you had to eat a handful of dirt in your lifetime to stay healthy. She also kept at least one mouldy orange for grazed knees, cuts and bruises, etc. and none of her children suffered any serious infections at all! There's a lot to be said for these 'old wives tales'...


I wonder if the mouldy orange was the forerunner of antibiotics! not heard that one before. (I prefer blue/green cheese) :D

It was always witchhazel for cuts etc, or broad bean skins/bacon on warts.

I think the 'wise woman' or herbalist of the village idea is actually coming back - much to doctors dismay! Then again, why is there a symbol of a snake on chemists' & others' logo? - off to google that one......

And the doc who advocated ingesting roundworm eggs to allay allergies/asthma?

Isn't a pine chopping board better than a plastic one? (not very wise old wife but family without allergies) J x


Sorry not roundworms - whip worms (for autoimmune gut probs)


I've always felt that avoiding dirt means you don't reach the peck so quickly, and so live longer... :-)

But am sure that is NT what it means.



I have an auto immune condition and hypothyroidism and this sounds true. My granddad has cancer and is all about cleansing and detoxing now (he gave me a book on bowel were diabolical but it made sense!!)

Love the post :)


Thanks folks, I wouldn't like to see your grandad's book on bowel cleansing Denise. The idea of faecal transplanting is also a bit revolting (in the article I posted) but it certainly makes some biological sense even if it seems profoundly unpleasant. I guess it's all about balanced gut flora which is why probiotic treatment makes a lot of sense. Hmmmm. Well, I'll let you know if I have any adventures with this information. I consider myself a living experiment these days having tried so many treatments that haven't worked for me.

Supplementing may be neccessary but if we could actually tackle the root cause and heal and return to full natural thyroid function wouldn't that be fantastic!?

Keep well as possible all, cheers, Andy


off topic perhaps - the snake around stick symbol. (Chemist et al)

The Rod of Asclepius (OK Greek but a little 'titter' maybe, courtesy of Romanesque Up Pompei)

"I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepius and by Hygieia and Panacea and by all the gods.... to do no harm" - original Hippocratic Oath...


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