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2 doctors.... 2 opinions.... what should i do ????? to increase or not to increase.. that is the question !

recently one of the gps at the practice suggested that i was not on enough thyroxine ( 37.5 per day) , she advised that i have thyroid checked and if tsh above 3 then should increase to 50s.. this is in agreement with what i have read on here plus other sources. i have not spoken to the gp before as she is new but my regular registered one was off that day.

my result came back tsh 3.4 ( 0.5 - 5.5) t4 not checked. my regular gp said hes happy with result as "in normal range" and no further action is needed and does not see why the other gp thought it needed increasing.

i'm already aware that most of you will say it def needs increasing but what do i do if my actual registered gp does not agree ? after all, its only a small incease . am i entitled to sayi want to be increased or is it solely up to my gp?

many thanks !!

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In my practice it doesn't matter which doctor we see, and I'm not even sure who my named GP is. Why not just go back to the first GP, and ask for the new prescription? You could even ask for this other GP to become your named GP.

My understanding is that healthy people usually have TSH between 1.0 and 2.0 and yours is higher than this. If you felt fine then there would be no reason to change your dose, but I assume that you don't, and therefore it could be worth trying.

Providing your TSH stays within the normal range, it's not harmful, says this study:


intersting article,,,, says that tsh of 4 is high,,, mine of 3.4 isnt far from that.


Dr Toft ex president of the British Thyroid Association says that it is o.k to have a suppressed TSH if you still have symptoms. Email for a copy of the Pulse article and give a copy to your G.P. I am not on my computer so cannot give an excerpt.

Dr.Lowe has also said that nowadays people are given doses which are too small which may result in other more serious diseases.


I would be booking more appts with this new GP and less with your old GP. Seems like her views on the TSH range would be a lot better for you than your old drs views.

Moggie x


easier said than done ,, but i agree !


went to see doc today who suggested i increase,,, i said to her that she was the first pro active gp ive seen in ages ! i even confessed to self medicating for last few weeks.

so now on 50s each day. to think i was on 25s for 2 years,,, how did i ever cope !! i just hate the adjustment period for few weeks. thanks for all recent advice folks !!


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